IUI in February
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jg - February 20

Hi all. I am TTC my 2nd child. First one took five years of TTC, including five IVF and lots of operations and other methods. When I did get pregnant it was after a big operation, Lupron and Clomid. Since I had my boy (he is 20 months now) I have had one more attempt at IVF plus one IUI. Yesterday my specialist prescribed me with Clomid which I will start tomorrow (cycle day two).....and go from there. We will IUI if there are one or two big follies....but he won't go ahead if there are three or more.


ekoorb_79 - February 20

Hi jg, Welcome! I was just wondering, why won't your doc won't do IUI if you have more than 2 mature follies? I just had first IUI (7 days ago) and I had 6 mature folles. My doc cancels if there are more than 6. Keep me posted


jg - February 20

Thanks ekoorb. My doc feels chances of triplets or higher is too high and because of the much higher risks of multiple pregnancy he will not do it. I have been reading up on the other ladies here and was surprised to see that doctors will IUI with much higher number of follies than 2......anyway maybe it's an Australian thing - a regulation or something. Don't know for sure, but that was his guidance. Of course we could still try ourselves if he won't do IUI, but I will just be guided by him for now and see what happens. First clomid tablet tomorrow yay! :-)


SashaP - February 20

Hi jg thanks for starting a new thread!! I got a +OPK this morning so I gave myself the trigger shot and I'll have my IUI tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get some BFP this month!!


chele - February 20

Welcome JG, Lot's of questions for you.... may I ask how old you are? Was the operation you had a lap? Wondering if this is what may have been causing the delay in pregnancy?? Did you have the sperm frozen before, anticipating this next try? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to get to know you as well as find out different things I was wondering about myself. SASHA, I really hope this is the cycle for you!!! Now will you have 1 IUI or 2 back-to-back? GOSIA, Thanks I hope this is the one for me too!! all with +'s for everyone! Well 1 more week for you and hopefully we will get some good news. About the time you should find out will probably be the time I start one more round of IUI w/ Gonal-F. I just rec'd my med's this morning so I will be all set to go. They will be increasing my dose from the 75 to 150 this try. Still wondering how the IVF girls are doing....


ekoorb_79 - February 20

Oh, I see Jg. Things are done differently other places. Australia, how wonderful! It's my # 1 on my top ten places I always have wanted to go. Good luck, I will be rooting for you....and good luck to all of you....


jg - February 21

Thanks ladies. Chele, I'm 29. I feel REALLY old since we would have liked to have had our last child by now, not still TTC our family. Oh well. I have had four lap's/hysteroscopies - all turned out to be major episodes as I have severe endo. I've also had a cervical dilation under GA. The endo is apparently what caused my TTC troubles. The last operation they did was very "brutal" - I was then given a Lupron injection which stopped AF for eight months. After eight months I took AF inducing meds, then on that cycle I took clomid and fell pregnant straight away. My treating specialist who did my operation felt that the severity of my endo caused hormonal conflict with IVF......so until the endo was completely removed the embryo's wouldn't implant. This is controversial of course since IVF is given as an option for endo related infertility........but after all the time and all the treatments we went through, it was only after removing the whole lot of endo that we conceived. I am awaiting another operation for the return of my endo......but in the meantime are TTC. I don't want to lose possible chances waiting for the operation. So first Clomid 50mg today......this is day 2 of my cycle. Ugh the cramps!!! :-(


SashaP - February 21

My IUI is today!! Chele I only do 1 so todays better do it. I'm having the nurse practioner do it, I can't stand her. My Dr and all the other Dr's except 1 are on vacation this week so I didn't have a choice. I'm making my regular nurse assist her, she is such a sweetheart for saying yes. Did any of you ladies get a red swollen area around the spot of the HCG injection? Mine is so red swollen and painful, they told it's my body fighting it I was just wondering if it happened to anyone else. I'll post later after my IUI..


addie1717 - February 21

Hi Ladies!
I had my first IUI on Feb 9th. I am 12 dpo. Sasha, I get a bruise from the HCG shot, but it's not red, but it is painful and tender. I am supposed to test on Saturday, but DH is going out of town Fridat afternoon, so I think I will test on Friday morning, judt to see...If it is BFN, then it will probably stay that way. If it is BFP, then I will just wait and take another one Sat. to make sure! Where are ya'll in your cycles? This will be #1 for us...been trying for 14 months. I am 28, DH is 29. Nothing seemed to be wrong with us except I had a luteal phase defect, which was fixed last month... Baby dust to you!!!


chele - February 21

Ugh, how aggrivating! I typed my whole note in here, the site froze and lost everything.... Ok, now that I'm done venting... JG, I know this does not make things better but your still young, I turned 36 in Oct and dh just turned 40. Did you have severe pain w/ the end? I'm asking because I may have to go the IVF route and if so, I am wondering if I should do a lap prior to pursing.... I had bad cramping as a teen and in to my early 20's but it has pretty much stopped... It's a question I've been playing with. Good luck to you! SASHA, I didn't realize today was your day! Please let us know how everything went. I remember you speaking of this particular person previously... Sorry it worked out that way, but hopefully this will be the one that works for you! No, I have never had the red/swollen area around the HCG injection site. Baby Dust to you!!! ADDIE, welcome aboard! Well it appears your 2ww is coming to an end... let's hope for a bfp to start a trend! Me, TTC for 18 months.... 6 natural, 9 w/ OBGYN (6 Clomid cycles, 7th w/ Clomid & IUI). Moved to RE late Oct and have had 1 IUI w/ Clomid, 1 w/ Gonal-F(75units) and had to sit out a few cycles due to cysts. Next cycle will be my last attempt at IUI w/ higher Gonal-F dosage (150units). Question.... What dosage are of Gonal-F have you been taking? Good Luck Ladies!!


ekoorb_79 - February 21

Congrats and good luck SashaP. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Jg, sounds like you have been through so much, I wish nothing but the best for you. Addie1717, I'm not too far behind you. Good luck on Friday! Today is 8days post IUI for me... How have you been feeling Addie? Well, I have to get back to work. See Ya soon!


SashaP - February 21

My IUI went ok. I was kinda unintentionally nasty to her. She did use the hook thing that I hate so much so that hurt. She apparently couldn't do it like the Dr's did the last 2 times. She also looked at the area where I did the HCG shot and said it looks ok and that some people just have that kind of reaction. I also found out that I'm supposed to get a 25% discount b/c I pay cash at the time of service, so I saved $55 and they had me call the billing department since I over paid $275 by not getting the discounts before. That totally made my day!! How is everyone else?


Gosia - February 22

Sasha, did you find out how many follies you had and what size were they?
Hope, this will be your month. I am usually sore after the HCG shot. There is no redness or bruising but sore to the touch.It goes away after two days. My re said it happens to lots of women.
Addie, hope you get positive ...we need some good news on this thread. I still have at least 6 days till AF arrival. I am not sure if I will test. It will depend if I have any symptoms. I just don't want to be dissapointed. My work is very stressfull lately. I work long hours and I am not happy.I even started to think if I should take some stress time off. Maybe stress free life would help me to concieve.Take care


SashaP - February 22

I don't know the size or how many follicles. On a nonmedicated month I had 9 so I would guess about that many. This O is definitely different then the last 2 months. I'm still having heavy cramping on both sides and lots of cm still sorry tmi. Gosia how many dpo are you?


jg - February 22

When is everyone's IUI? Mine will probably be Wednesday 28th. I'm taking clomid days 2-6, and I normally ovulate on day 10 which is when the IUI will be......so testing on the 14th March I guess...... what a wait eh!


Gosia - February 22

Sasha, Today is 10 dpo for me. I have 4 more days of progestorone to take and 2 days after AF comes.
9 follies, that's a lot...is there areason your re does not monitor you with so many follies? I was wondering if you have so many, how big do they get?
Did you have a chance to see the show on TV yesterday "22 and menopausal"?
40 year old women who went through menopause at 22 and her sister has shared one of her ovary with her.They basically implanted some of the ovary tissue on her nonfuctioning ovary and right away she started to cycle ( after 17 years of not ovulating). She got pregnant after a while. They did not mention f she went through iui or ivf. Amazing, isn't it?
There is hope for us!


ekoorb_79 - February 22

Did I say something to offend any of you? I come here for friendship and support and i feel like people rarely respond to me. Good luck and well wishes to all of you...



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