IUI in December?
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chele - December 4

Hi This is my 2nd time trying IUI, looking for friendship and support buddies!


slowpoke01 - December 4

hey i will be doing iui, clomid, hcg trigger shot and follicle monitoring this month also. this is my 3rd iui. i had to wait 3 months after having a tubal pregnancy in august so this is my first month trying after that. my email is [email protected] if you ever want to email me maybe if you have a question then i will see it in email quicker than i would on here. good luck and take care


bina - December 4

Hello ladies~I will also be doing an IUI, clomid (just finished last day today) and hcg trigger this month. My ultrasound is scheduled for Friday and hopefully we will be able to do the IUI on Saturday. Slow-I'm sorry to hear about your sad news in august. Hopefully this will be the one! Good luck!


slowpoke01 - December 4

bina- thank you so much. i hope it works this time too. goodl uck with your ultrasound. will this be your 1st iui? i should start on the 9th i am hoping that it shows earlier so that i can start earlier but i bet it doesnt..lol..anyway as soon as i start then i will be doing clomid on days 3-7.good luck to you too


thayward7 - December 4

I am hoping to do my 5th IUI at the end of the month, depending on my ultrasound on Thursday to rule out cysts and endometrial polyps... I will use Clomid, Repronex, and HCG trigger. I am also on Metformin for insulin resistance. I'd be happy to be of some support! Good Luck girls! Smiles and Babydust.. T


Gosia - December 4

Hello Ladies, I would love to join you if I can. I have followed your journey for a while and I can see you have lots of support in here.
I am hoping to have my first iui done this month. So far I have done clomid for two months last year, HCG trigger shots and follicle monitoring for the last 3 months.
Every month everything looks great, usually two follies at good size and great lining but no results. I am hoping iui will give me better chances but I've heard that it is not that successfull for women over 40. I am 39...
Slowpoke, how many iui's did you go through before you got pregnant in August? Are you from Canada?
Wish you lots of luck this month!
Cheri's prediction for me was February....she gave me lots of hope.
Good luck and take care!


Tink - December 4

I am hoping to get in my 4th IUI at the very end of the month. I've done 4 mos on clomid only, then 2 IUIs with clomid and 1 IUI with follistim injections in november. i had a lap in october. this month, i had a cyst and had to sit out. today is CD16 and i am sitting out, just waiting on AF, so i can start on the 4th IUI. i am hoping to start the cycle around 12/15 or so and maybe do the IUI the last week of december. good luck ladies! seems there are a lot of us with 3 or more IUIs......how many will you do before moving on to IVF or something else? I am only going to do one more in december and one in january- boht with injectables. i will move to IVF come february if we aren't pregnant......Grandpa is offering to help cover the cost (not covered by ins)


chele - December 4

Wow, what a great response! I am very anxious for all of us to get that wonderful Christmas gift! Let's see, I have been ttc 16mths now, but 7 months was with my OBGYN (Clomid, progesterone, estrogin & HCG shot) unfortunately, it did not work. I moved on to an RE late October and found out I had 4 hormonal cysts due to the large amounts of progesterone & estrogin the OBGYN was giving me, so I had to wait that cycle out. I went in for my bw and u/s today (day 11) and found out i'm ready to go... This is early compared to what my OBGYN kept saying so that may have been the problem (fingers crossed). I will be giving myself the Ovidrel shot tonight (1st time giving myself a shot) and then IUI tomorrow and Wednesday! I had three follies 14, 18, 20. The nurse said they are good sizes, can anyone else tell me what they have heard about what is a good size when on Clomid? I did a back-to-back IUI w/ the OBGYN back in Oct, so this will be my 2nd time around. Slowpoke01, lots of baby dust to you this time around!!! I have read other threads for the last couple months, trying to educate myself through all of you so I have followed your progress a little. Thanks for the e-mail address, I have it jotted down. thayward7, hi! I don't mean to be nosey and you can tell me it's not my business, but since you are on your 5th IUI, is there something wrong that they are trying to help or is it just unexplained why you have not conceived (i.e, low sperm count, PCOS)? How exciting, you may conceive right around the holidays!! Gosia, hi! When will you be doing your IUI? Is it a single or back-to-back IUI? Tink, hello! I know what it feels like having to sit out a cycle and just wait on AF(ugh)! I was with you this time around, but hopefully the month all will have done us some good. It is a good question you raise about how many attempts w/ IUI will you make before IVF.... I honestly have not thought that far, I guess I keep telling myself it will happen before I have to get to that point.... I'd love to hear more about everyone! Hopefully Dec/Jan is all of our months!


Gosia - December 5

This is my first IUI, so I am not sure what to expect. I am going for the ultrasound on the 15th of Dec. ( D13) and usually I get thehcg trigger shot then. The nurse told he might just do iui then or following day. It really does not make sense...shouldn't he wait a day for the shot to induce ovulation? I guess I have to wait and see. The good news is that it\\iui will not cost me anything. It is all covered by Ohip I am in Ontario). There is a charge for the sperm freezing but I do not think I'll be doing that as my hubby does not travel.
All of you Ladies seem to have ther meds to take with iui....makes me wonder why I don't have to. I seem to ovulate on my own and have good size follies (usually one or two). Perhaps I would have more of them with clomid.
I will have lots of questions during my apointment on the 15th.
Good luck to all of you !


Tink - December 5

Chele- my RE likes to see mature follies in the 17-25mm range at time of IUI. keep in mind they grow 1-2mm a day, some can grow up to 3mm a day. so if you have a 14, 18, 20, they will be in that range by the time you do the IUI in 36 hours or so. GOSIA- if you have a trigger- you should do the IUI about 36 hours after it. that is the standard. it can be a little bit before or after. So my RE has me do a trigger shot (ovidrel) at home at 8pm, say on a thursday. then we would do the IUI at like 10am on saturday. that's just an example. you usually trigger at night, then wait a day, then do the IUI the morning after waiting a day. hope that helps.


slowpoke01 - December 5

gpsia- the iui in august when i got pregnant was the 2nd one. i am in the U.S.CHELE-thank you i hope that everything goes well for you too.GOSIA- i usually get the trigger shot and go home and stay home the day after and then the day after that i get the iui. i dont think that it is normal to have iui same day as trigger shot.i ovulate on my own and have good follies without clomod but the doc put me on clomid to increase my chances of getting pregnant. the cycle that i got pregnant i had 3 good sized follices on the right side and 3 on the left side and a bunch of smaller ones.hope this helps you some. good luck all


bina - December 6

Hello ladies, slow-this will be my second round with IUI and clomid. We're doing the exact same thing as last month. Last month I had 3 follies (I forget their sizes) but I know there were 2 smaller and 1 larger one. I also got an HSG last month and found my right side is blocked. My 2 follies were on my right side last month, so I'm hoping to get more from my left side this month. If the IUI's do not work out, I may have to get a lap done to unblock my right tube. Has anyone had this done??


Gosia - December 6

Thank you for the info. I will for sure question my Re when IUI should be done. I just hope he can do it on the weekend. My us is scheduled for Friday (d13) and usually ovulate on the d14-15. Hope it won't be too late.
I guess I have to wait and see .
I've been trying for 2 years now. A year ago now, my obgyn put me through all the tests and found nothing. Then decided to put me on clomid without any monitoring. I really did not feel well and when I have not heard from him, I decided to take a break. Made appointment with the RE and waited for it 6 months. He right away started monitoring me, ultrasound sand HCG shots. That was for 3 months and now its time for IUI. I just hope it will work.
My dh has a 9 year old daughter who lives with us but I always wanted to have one of my own. My deadline was by the time I was 40. Well, I will be turning 40 next April....only 5 months left.
If it does not work I don't know what I will do. Probably extend till the end of the year...lol
Good luck and take care


slowpoke01 - December 6

gosia-iui are good because they know pretty much when you are going to ovulate so they are usually pretty successful, especially when they havent found anything wrong. i was so scared when they did the testing that they would find something wrong with me but they didnt. i got pregnant on the 2nd iui which is good i think because they usually will only give like 6 iui's before they want to move to injectibles or something else because they only do like 6 clomid cycles. i am very hopeful that i will get pregnant with the next iui, i am just scared that it will be another tubal and to me that is really scary. anyway good luck all.


chele - December 6

Hi everyone! Gosia, I am puzzled like the others on this thread as to why he would give you the IUI the same day as the trigger.... This is my second IUI and the trigger is usually given to me one day and then the next day I come back for the IUI, so for instance I gave myself Ovidrel at 9p on 12/4 had the IUI at 9a.m. the following day, and the next day (today) 9a.m. the other. Just so you don't get confused, Tink mentioned she gives the trigger one day, skips a day and then does the IUI. I think the difference (correct me if I'm wrong Tink) but she just had 1 IUI done, where as I have 2 back-to-backs to increase the changes of conception. As for the Clomid, I'm with slowpoke01. I ovulate on my own and produce follies but I have taken it for 7 rounds (this being my last) just to help my chances. Also, question for everyone... I thought RE's were open 7 days a week, & Holidays if necessary.... Is this just a few RE's that offer this? Thanks for the Info Tink, no u/s was done yesterday but they assumed they grew 2mm so I had a 22, 20, 16 and I don't think I ovulated yet so today's IUI they would have been approx 24, 22, 18. We will see! I go back Friday. Slowpoke01, I am to in the US, Michigan. It's the countdown for you, you have about 3 days (hopefully) before you are try for the Christmas Baby... I wish the best for you. Please keep me posted on what's going on. bina, hang in there and stay positive. I anyone taking Gonal-F? I was given the training on injecting it just in case, but I was wondering if anyone is using this and if there are side effects? I'm on my 2ww, can't wait for you all to join in with yours! Lots of Sticky Baby Dust to Everyone!!!!


SashaP - December 6

Hi ladies I hope you don't mind if I join you. I've decided to do another IUI this month it will be my 4th. I got pg with my 1st and 3rd IUI but m/c's both times the first time being with twins. So hopefully I get pg again easily and stay pg. This month made it 3 yrs of ttc. My IUI will be right before x-mas. I'm still waiting for af to come so I can start clomid. Good luck to everyone!!


slowpoke01 - December 7

SASHA- welcome. you and i are in the same boat..lol..a/f is suppossed to show sat so i am hoping it does so that i can start again. i have seen you on here before and i think that i have talked to you some. take care and good luck to you. hope that this one sticks so that you dont have to do this anymore as i am hoping all of us get our +'s so that we can move on to the bfp club. take care and good luck all.



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