IUI in April - Part 1
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jg - April 1

Welcome to April ladies!! Let's hope that THIS month will bring us some happy news. :-D


jg - April 1

Hi everyone. How are you all feeling? Any symptoms anyone? Who has IUI's coming up? Anyone changing tactic......ie starting/changing medication? Good luck everyone!!!! Well not much happening with me, just waiting in the dreaded 2WW zone lol. My right "nip" has been VERY sensitive and itchy......probably just allergic to my deodorant or something knowing my luck. <roll eyes>.


Sonyamac - April 1

Good morning jg, i have a headache, I am tired and i just feel a little off, I am hoping that this is it??? when I was preg. in Oct 2005, and all test were coming back neg. I just coulldn't figure out what was wrong..I definetly had the headache thing. Here's to us on the 2WW together, LOTS OF BABY DUST!


chele - April 1

Just dropping in girls.... Let's hope that both of you are having true pregnancy symptoms.... think positive! As for me, just been keeping a watch on the threads to see how everyone is progressing, as I have been sitting out this month as you know. Should be starting IVF in late April.


Chas - April 1

Hi everyone, hope I can join you in the 2ww. I have a question?? Since, HCG is the horomone produced while pregnant, will it make you have some pg. symptoms??? I had my trigger shot on Wed. and IUI THurs. yesterday and today I just feel awful tired and hungry as all get out. That is how I felt the last time I was pg. But.. it's only 3DPIUI !!! So that wouldn't make sense.. it's way too early. Anyone know if the shot will make you feel this way? I have had a sore throat and sinus drainage, but no fever.


Sonyamac - April 1

Hi Chas, yes I believe that the HCG is the same hormone when you are preggers.....so, yes I think it can mimic give the same effects. That's is why some pepole get a false positive-from the shot-they test too soon. I am really tired as well, I keep waiting for the sore boobs that i had last time when I was preggers! Hope that helps. Have a good rest....I need one!


mama keya - April 1

OMG me too I have been so sleepy and so hungry I thought I had lost my mind with wishful hoping. Glad to know I'm not alone. JG,Chas, Sonyamac how are you taking the wait I have been trying to keep myself busy but at my down time before I go to bed that's all I can think of. How about you. ******Keya



mama keya - April 1

sorry just one Keya not two See the sleep is getting to me


kl99 - April 2

I go in tomorrow for my 2nd IUI. Day 16- I am ovulating even later this cycle. I used to have 28 day cycles but they have been running 30 and 31 days. This month with O on day 16 I am anticipating a 32 day cycle. It must be the clomid?? They started my ultra sounds on day 13, and so I kept having to come back. I went in for 3 at $95 a pop until I was ready for the HCG trigger. I have 2 follicles again this month, so I am feeling very positive about this cycle. We are going on 16 months TTC. Sorry I don't get a chance to post very often, my dh is a computer hog, he spends every evening on the internet until bed. So I only get the computer on weekends when he working on his projects. Sending good wishes to you all this month. Let's get some BFP's.


tanner789 - April 2

hope i can join too, ttc for 14 monthes was on clomid and gonal f this month produced two follies and triggered sat nite, im not cramping as much as i was sat night and early sun morning which scares me i may have already ovulated but iam scheduled for my first iui mon am, so am anticipating a bfp this month. would like the company and support of others going down this rd.


Hannah B - April 2

Chele, the March IUI was my third one. Well initially we were going to try one more cycle of Clomid/IUI, but I think we are going to sit this month out. We will be meeting with the RE to see what options we have with going agressive. I think we might go straight to IVF as well, since our insurance pays for up to 15k for infertility. So I would rather spend that money on IVF rather than the IUI's. At least that is what we are thinking right now. Chas, your HCG does mimic pregnancy symptoms. But you would know best. Its different for all of us right. I don't think I am in tune with my body, so its hard for me to tell. When we did test positive in Dec...there were signs that never went away that I can't count on anymore. Such as the veins on your chest and body and heartburn. They never went away, so I can't use them as a sign. Oh well. Sonya, Mama, KL, and Tanner, I wish all of you luck during the 2WW. Baby dust to you all.


Jas112 - April 2

Goood morning Ladies, I would like to wish you all the best of luck...... we ae trying naturally this month and will start another IUI session at the end of the month very exciting but i am very nervous also because i do not want the whole situation to consume me again. It is very difficult not to let it happen.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!


jg - April 2

Hello oldies and welcome newies! lol. Glad to see our thread is growing, though hopefully we'll all be switching over the 1st trimester this month. Well, we can always hope! Gotta go - talk soon. :D


Shanlou - April 2

Hi ladies, I couldn't get my password to work but I'm in now. No symptoms really. It's been 5 days since my IUI ( i had two follicles ) my breasts are tender but I think thats from the excess of hormones. I wish it was 9 days from now, I hate the waiting period. Heres hoping!!!!!!! Welcome Tanner789, Good Luck! I'll be thinking about all of you. I'm off to Calgary (from Ontario) for 7 days to visit my brother. Had to plan the visit during the 2ww since we have to be around for the medication part of it. Talk to you al soon. Baby Dust to all


Gosia - April 2

Hello Ladies, Just a quick update from me. I got AF this morning. It wasn't a suprise. I had a feeling that she was coming. I still haven't decided if I should take a break or not. I need to decide soon. I just think I am running out of time and missing a month might take a small chance away (I am turning 40 this month). Good luck to all of you in the 2 week wait.


Sonyamac - April 2

hi all, and welcome nb's! Have a great trip Shanlou to Calgary! Enjoy, and keep me posted on how you are doing? I am sending Baby dust to you, the sore boobs thing is good-that was my first symptom last time-stay positive.
I don't know if this is a symptom or not,,headache, and throwing since 3 am, it could just be a flu or something??? Anyone else who is on the 2WW notice anything else. JG, Chas, Mama-Keya, Tanner789-you go today right?? That's too bad about AF showing up Gosia.
Everyone stay positive! BABY DUST TO ALL.......................


Chas - April 2

Hi everyone!! Wow, this thread was busy yesterday. Nothing new here. It's been 4 days since IUI. I am just really tired and feeling crappy, but I think it's this cold or something thats got me down. I have decided I am not going to think anything about ANY symptoms until it's time to test!! RE told me to test on 4/12, so until then maybe I can relax (LOL yeah, right!!) since I had that shot, I woudln't depend on any symptom anyway ! This is the first time for this and it's really weird. oh well, hope everyone stays sane during this 2ww! Good luck to us all :-)



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