IUI-how long is too long to abstain before IUI?
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dee - March 13

Hi. Hope someone can give me some urgently needed advice. Having second IUI on wednesday. No intercourse since thursday night as I thought the IUI will be sooner however eggs not ready yet. Male factor infertility.How long is too long to abstain from sex and have a good sample. Last month count was only 33.3 mil with a day break. Any stats? Please help. The nurse told me its better to have less but fresher swimmers. Not convinced though.


Hana - March 13

Hello, dee. We are also going to have our first IUI this week depending on the result of OPKs (we are not taking any drugs). We were told to have a last intercourse on Friday night or Saterday morning. The shortest is 48 hours and the longest is 5~7 days. My dh has a low sperm count issue too. way lower than yours. But my RE also knows that my normal cycle is 30days and normal ovulation is CD 16. In other words, my RE recommended 5 or 6 days on my dh. I am really hoping his sperm condition is better this time. Good luck!


Ann - March 13

I have read that 3-5 days is optimal. If you wait too long, there are more sperm that are dead or not capable of fertilizing the egg so there is something to the "freshness" info your nurse gave you. There are definitely different opinions out there, though. Good luck!


sherry - March 13

we had sex 1.5 days before, which we probobly should not have done, but it just worked out that way. his count was 33million, which isn't very high, and the next day only 13 million, and i got a baby out of it. 48 hours, iam sure will be fine, unless he has a low sperm count on a regular basis, and was diagnosed with that, then maybe go alittle longer, like 72 hrs. should be great by then. good luck


dee - March 13

thanks. Spoke to the nurse yesterday and she told us to do it. So I guess its in Gods hands now. I guess you only need one! I cant wait for it tomorrow. I have two follies this month. More chance I guess. Hana let me know how you go. If you have any questions I am here.


Ann - March 13

dee, so when is your iui going to be? Two chances sounds perfect! Last month we ended up having iui way sooner than expected, so we had BDed 36 hours before dh had to give the sample. His count was 140mil, which sounds good, but it was 300mil the time before so a big difference! I guess the little guys do need time to replenish.:)


kimi BC - March 14

Hello Ladies,
Iamnew to the site. My DH and I have done one IUI, and I test tomorrow for pregnancy. My Dh's count was 175 mil, and the nurse said that was good and there was alot of little swimmers in there. She told us 48 hours would be fine.....Wich me luck tomorrow...baby dust to all.....I also wanted to ask, how old are you ladies?? Iam 40, and have never concieved.............


dee - March 14

IUI is wednesday at 3pm. You girls are lucky that dh's have such a high count. the two week wait will be hell for me this month. I gave myself the trigger shot this morning- I nearly passed out. I do the injectibles but with the pen so its not bad at all but the actual process of filling up the syringe etc made me nearly faint.
I am 27. Never been pregnant, diagnosed this time last year with polycystic ovaries. Dh has low motility and low morphology. I have him on vit c, vit e and zinc. Its getting better i think but nothing is happening.


Ann - March 14

Hi kimi BC, I am 36 and but my egg supply is older (high fsh and inhibin b). I have done 5 iuis and none have worked (I have never been pg). I just started injectibles. Good luck on your test tomorrow! dee, I know exactly what you mean about the needles. I did my first injection last Saturday. I have a huge fear of needles and it was awful. I have to do Lupron twice per day from a regular syringe and the shot with the Follistim pen. Saturday and Sunday I also had to do Menopur. You have to mix the Menopur and they give it with a regular syringe as well. It hurts and burns going in like crazy!! I tried icing the spot the second time and it was still bad. After my first shots, I was shaking and crying. I totally feel for your saying you thought you would pass out. I have been going to an acupuncturist (who is also an herbologist) and he said green tea is good for the sperm counts. Good luck to you as well.


dee - March 15

Hi everyone. Nearly 2 hours post IUI. Over the moon today. His total count was 136 mil and washed 21 mil. It has never been this high and it was only 36 hours since the last time we bd'd. I asked the nurse if there was a chance the sample wasnt his.I am so excited.


Hana - March 15

Congratulations, dee!!! I totally understand how happy you are. I hope the same thing is going to happen to my dh's .


Hana - March 16

I went in the dr office because I have not had LH-surge yet and got an ultrasound done. Anyway, my RE told me that it looks like I am going to have an ovulation tomorrow or the day after. He told us to have an intercourse this morning because we had a last intercourse last Saterday morning. So my conclusion is that 1 week is too long. Like dee said, freshness is a more important factor for IUI?


Ann - March 16

Hana, I just talked to my dr (a RE) about the freshness issue this morning. He said it should be at least 48 hours but not more than 8 days for the best sample. This is a little more lattitude than I had read. Hope this helps and that everyone gets BFPs this month!


Hana - March 17

Thanks, Ann. 8 days sound long....honestly my husband cannot wait that long.


Ann - March 17

I agree that 8 days sounds like a long time. I have my iui tomorrow and it been since Tuesday for abstaining. I hope we get a good sample! I have three mature follies ready to go and I did the trigger shot last night!!


lilly2 - March 18

Dee, girlls hi, I had on friday my second iui on my cd12.Last month as well was on the same cycle day(clomid 50ml) we had 2 eggs, 8mm lining, hcg shot at 9am and iui at 12am.Post washed semen count was 60 millions with good morfology and 90+%motility.We abstain 2,5 days.This month i was on puregon injections 50ml for 9 days, had 4 follies20, 19, 17,13mm, lining 13mm and hcg shot was 8.30am then iui at 3pm.sperm count was more then excelent 160 millions, motility and morfology great and abstance was 4,5 days(mond.-frid.morning).Semen count , like our hormons are different every month.So now we are in 2 long ww.We did bd today and will tmorrow b/c opk positive and then nothing then to pray and hope as much as we can.Dee, Hana, Ann, Kimi bc, good luck to all and a lots of baby dust to all.



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