IUI gals, come in here during your 2 week wait...
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Lee - October 19

Tonya , Isa, Toni
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Kami - October 19

Hello, I am new to the board, I was scheduled for an IUI this week, but the doctor put me on BCP for 10 days(10/20th will be 10 days) because she had to leave town, so it basically put my body on hold to ovulate. I start things back up as soon as I spot after stopping the BCP. Has anyone had to do this, and if so effect your IUI at all? Any info would help. Thank you


Tonya - October 19

Hey Kami, I'm currently on the BCP because I had a large cyst on my ovary, so I won't be off of them until around Nov. 12th...I don't know how it will affect IUI...Sorry I can't be of more help. We have a great success story, our friend, Toni, who just had IUI and is preg...we just found out today!!! We are on a new thread called Hope Thread, Toni & Friends, join us over there and keep us posted....:)


Janet - October 20

If you can answer this question please assist. I will try to keep it brief. I've decided to try IUI; I made an appointment today. My next cycle is 11/01 and my predicted ovulation for next month is 11/14 - 11/16; is that enough time to have the procedure during my next ovulation?


Toni - October 20

Janet- are you doing clomid with IUI? If so, that could make you ovulate sooner. When are they having you come in? You should be having a sono at some point.


susieq4life1976 - July 19

my question is me and my husband where trying to have a baby i started to take some drugs and then i took something called ovidrel and today i took a test and there was one dark line and then there was a light pink line to my question is can this drug give out false readings


Sonyamac - July 20

Yes, Ovidrel makes you ovulate and can stay in your system for 8-10 days,..it has HCG in it..same drug as what is in your body when you are pregnant. You should be speaking with you Dr. also check out the IUI thread for July/August..it's much more up to date.
Good luck



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