IUI gals, come in here during your 2 week wait...
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ida - September 28

This is my first iui month, I'm 40 dh 41.We have been ttc since Jan, newlyweds and no kids between us.First month on clomid 100mg for 5 days, 4 days of Lepori hmg shots which i reacted to badly and hcg day 11. IUI day 12 and 13 now in the 2 week wait time. On estrodial estrogen 4mg /day for 10 days and progesterone suppositories 2x /day. Whats your story??I'm due for af Oct 9th or 10th.


Paula - September 28

Hello Ida! This is also my first IUI month. I did Follistim injections this month with the Ovidrel shot. I had my IUI's on day 9 and 10. I am currently 11dpo and on Prometrium 2X's a day. I have 1 more week to wait and it is hard. I have been crampy off and on and sore breasts but that's all. Haven't had any spotting to indicate implantation though. Does everyone have spotting during implantation? Is this a bad sign?


Toni - September 29

Hi guys, I am about to have my first IUI. I have two kids now and did not have any implantation bleeding. So if you do, it's not necessarily a bad sign. Paula, was the follitism expensive?


isa - September 29

Hi Paula and Toni, i typed my name in wrong it should have said isa anyways... very few actually have implantation spotting according to my doc so dont expect it but be happy if it comes . I had my iui's on sun and mon so i'll count 7-10 days from there. My doc will do a pg blood test on day 25 so i've got 1 1/2 weeks still ugh i hate the wait. Have either of you noticed any extra white mucous since the iui. i dont recall having this much normally. Its thick lotiony at the opening?


Paula - September 29

Toni... I have very good insurance, so my co-pay for the follistim 300IU was $155.33. My dr. told me to wait 2 weeks and 4 days. I don't know why...everyone else is just waiting the 2weeks. I will probably start HPTs at the 2 week mark. I hope to get a BFP without much agony!


Tonya - September 30

Hi ya'll. I had my first IUI on Sept. 21st. I did Repronex with trigger shot. Only had one follicle - 23mm. Went to Dr. today to do plan for next month if not pregnant. We will do preg. test on 10/7. I am hoping this will be the time. I have 2 small children. After my son was born, I started having m/c(s). The RE I'm seeing found a folate issue and low progesterone. We'll see what happens...Babydust to all.......


isa - September 30

welcome Tonya. I am supposed to go test 10/8 but thinking we might now be away so if i am not pregnant i am going to have to figure out myplan for next month as i would be due for af sun or mon and this month i started clomid on day 2 (and i'd be away) so it's adding extra stress on me. My temps up to 98.2 today which is the highest i've ever had but think it is partly due to the progesterone supps. I'm finally used to them now. What is the follistim for ? sending baby glue to all


Edy - September 30

Hey Everyone- I will be starting Lupron on Oct 9th and will start Follistim about 12 days later. Depending on when my cycle starts. I did Clomid last month but my LH is too high and the BCP's would not suppress my level so it's on to Inj and IUI. Isa, I had the thick white cm(cervical mucous) after O with the HCG trigger. I had 4 follicles last month so my RE said it was due to all the progesterone. Follistim is like Gonal-F. It is a Gonadotropin to help follicles grow. It is taken when you do not respond to Clomid. Clomid can only be taken for 6 cycles and then its on to Inj. Or at least thats what most MD's advise. Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone!!!


Lee - September 30

My IUI will be Sunday. Have had one IVF, it was successful. I am nervous as I used HCG 10,000 IM shot for that, but have been given a choice of Ovidrel or HCG shot for this one. Are they the same? Good luck to everyone!


Tonya - October 1

Hi everyone. The nurse called today and my progesterone was 18.1, they like it to be around 20. So, I did 1/2 and Ovidrel shot and increase my suppositories to 2X a day instead of just at bedtime. Lee, good luck with your IUI tomorrow. Isa, I get tested on Friday 10/7. It would be great to be due at the same time :) Babydust everyone!


isa - October 1

tonya- Well baby dust for 10/7. I too take the supps 2xday morn and night. I take them rectally and get no leakage which is great. Edy thank for your comment on the cm because i did take the hcg shot (first time). I looked at my other charts and it seems like i was wrong it is normal for me to get it this long after af. To Lee, i did the 10000 hcg but i dont know the difference between the 2 you have been offered. I was only given the hcg.
I am so afraid I will be so let down this month if I am not pg after everything i have been through and its nothing compared to some ladies. Is anyone still cramping since ovulation? I was told it might be because i had 4 follicles but it seems like a bit much that I am still feeling it 6 days later.


Tonya - October 1

Isa, I know what you mean about everything you've been through...It's unbelievable that it is so hard to have a sweet, precious baby for some of us. Maybe the cramping does have to do with the number of follicles, it seems like it should subside soon, though...I'm ready for Friday to get here to know whether to get my meds for next month, or hopefully not. Babydust....


Edy - October 1

Lee, They are the same thing. One is generic name, the other the brand name. You will also see it called Novarel. Hope this helps!!


Lee - October 2


ISA- I wish you the best. Hang in there! Baby Dust!


isa - October 2

Hi Edy, i know what you mean re the meds. I will have to change to something new this cycle due to reaction to the shots so i dont know if he will up my clomid (im at 100 mg for 5 days now) or what he will do. Hey Lee how did the iui go today? Hope you arent too sore. I bled my first one slightly but the 2nd one i was ok on.


Lee - October 2

Hey Isa
I think the IUI went well. I hurt only around my ovaries, so I am hoping that is a good sign. My nurse did a sono and my follicles looked like they were just about to bust out, so she thinks the timing looked great. She also let my husband do the insemination once the catheter was in, which was cool. I am laying around with my feet up, crazy I know. Any thoughts about when I should BD again? Thanks.


isa - October 3

Hi Lee that is cool your dh got to inseminate you. Mine wouldnt even go in the room with me. He hates anything to do with docs meds etc. Anyways i would baby dance whenever you are able. Egg is good for 24 hours after the ovulation so go for it. I was told it cant hurt and could only help the process along. I have been cramping since my ovulation day (i'm not 7 days past my 2nd day of iui which i think is my ovulation day). How many follicles do you have. i have no symptoms other than my temps are good. today at 98.2 up from 98 yesterday . baby dust keep me posted. Paula, Toni, Tonya what are you guys feeling?



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