IUI, for AUG, on day 3 of my cycle...anyone else?
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lifequest - August 2

Hello, just starting my IUI for this Aug. I'm on day 3 of my cycle...so I'm just wondering if there is anyone else out there at the same point I'm at. We can share stories, and symptoms together.
Especailly during the 2ww !!!
Good luck to all! This is my 2 time doing IUI on injections.


dea - August 3

Hi LIFEQEST: I am starting injections tonight and will proabaly IUI around next Sat. I am on cd2. How long have you been ttc? I have been ttc for 2 years. No babies yet. We are praying for #1. I'm 32 and DH is 33. Married almost 3 years. ~~DUST~~


lifequest - August 3

Hi Dea, I'm 35, my dh is 34. I have one little girl 4 years old, and have been ttc another child now for about 2 yrs too. Today (Thurs) I'm on day 4 of my cycle. With injections, last month I did it without injections and naturally...and in June was my first IUI, with meds...so I'm hoping things work out better for me this month. Are you on any medication and are you doing a spermwash? *DUST TO YOU TOO*


dea - August 4

Good Morning LIFEQUEST. I did IUI's last Nov and March, naturally, with my OB/GYN. Nov was one sperm sample washed. March we used two combined. Finally, in June we saw an RE. LOVE HIM!! He's the best. In July we did another IUI with Clomid and HSG (trigger) shot. I actually had a beta of 8 at 14 dpo. But it seems as though that was a chemical pregnancy. This month we are doing the injectables with another IUI. I am on Lupron (5) and Follistim (75). Our issue is with sperm count. But, RE put DH on Clomid and the count for July was MUCH higher than it has even been-- so we are optimistic. What are you taking? Did you have trouble conceiving your daughter? I have friends that fell pregnant very easily with their first baby and are worried they might struggle with the second. Take care! ~~DUST~~


lifequest - August 4

Hey dea, I'm on Follistim too, but (I"m from Canada and we call it Puregon here). As for concieving my daughter, I think my husband "breathed on me" and I got pregnant...it was on the first shot. Now trying for a second, is SO, SO difficult. I hope I can blessed with at least one more. My husbands sperm is excellent, I think it's me, though they keep telling me, they don't see anything wrong, so who knows....I'm hoping the IUI works this month, with meds. and sperm wash.
It's good to have a good RE..I'm happy with mine too. Well keep me posted. ~DUST~



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