IUI costs in nothern va
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aish - February 15

anyone who is northern va and going to see RE and did IUI with less than $2500 with injectables ,please reply as i am having very tight pocket...help me


Nata - February 15

Aish, I live in Northen Va but I don't know how much IUI cost. In fact, I'm doing injectables+IUI but my issuance is helping me a lot. Basically, I pay $98/cycle for the medication and I pay $25 every time I go to the fertility dr (doesn't matter if I do u/s or IUI.... each visit cost $25). But I am very concerned about this issue b/c I have no idea what to do if I use all the "fertility money" my issuance allows me to spend. If that happen before I get pregnant, I will have to pay on my own --- it really scares me! Sorry I was not a big help for you. Do you have issuance?


Nata - February 15

Aish, sorry for the confusion. I meant "insurance" instead of "issuance".


Ashlee - February 15

We live in Fred. VA. 1/2 way between Richmond and NoVA. We had 3 IUI's done in Richmond. With insurance for RE fees and for meds we spent about $700 each try...Not sure if that helps, but if you are able to go to Richmond, it may be less money.


aish - February 15

thanx frnds,
my insurance is not covering at all, so thats so depressing and one q more ,do i have to go for day3 blood test & sonogram every cycle or just 1st cycle


Nata - February 15

Ashlee, if you don't mind me asking... did you get pregnant on your third IUI? I have done one cycle with injectables and another one with injectables+IUI. I will start my third cycle tomorrow - hopefully I will get a BFP this time.


Nata - February 15

Aish, usually I go for blood test only once per cycle but I do have to go 3-4 times per cycle for ultrasound.


aish - February 16

so nata ,whenever i will go for my IUI they will do again my blood work


Nata - February 16

I have the blood work before I start the injections (not at the IUI day).



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