IUI costs in canada
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to christine - October 30

yes I've done it at newlife and so far I really like the treatment i have been given. Good luck to you.


christine - October 31

i will be going on nov 19, as soon as you get your bfp pls let me know, baby dust to you


for Christine - November 12

Re: Newlife patient -you asked me to keep in touch with you, well I had a chemical pregnancy this month. Did iui and we fertilized but baby didnt stick. Gives me hope though that it might work. Good luck on the 19th with your appt.


christine - November 13

I wish you better luck next time, thats a sign of hope, whats exactly is a chemical pregnancy, did you get a BFP, on your pregnancy test, baby dust to you ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


to christine - November 13

found out hcg in beta blood test. I had not done a pg test (and it would have shown neg. since I didnt produce enough hcg). Chemical pregnancy is when there is hcg in your system (produced when the egg is fertilized and implants ) but for some reason it doesnt stick. If I were not having blood work done so early I never would have known this happened. I've read that it happens in 50-60% of first pregnancys and unless your being monitored you would never even know. My beta was 12 days after my 2nd iui so it was very very early and my hpt would have shown negative still but with some chemical pregnancies there is enough hcg to show a bfp but then it drops and you are no longer getting bfps. You can google it and get lots of info on it.


for christine - November 23

How did your appt go on the 19th at newlife?


trying for #3 - November 24

For Christine,this message may be a little bit late, but here it goes nulife in missauga is pretty good and the doctor, is just exceptional, Dr. Michael's I believe his name is he has done a lap and a tube dye for me, and i was suppose to go back to see him last year to get my tubes cleared, but guess what, I got preggo without getting my tube cleared or using any thing, but his staff team are really good, I am now trying for #3 and having problems so I am thinking of going back to see him, let us know how your appointment went


to trying for # 3 - November 24

The doctors there are Dr Soliman, Cerovsky and there is another new female doc there also that started about 6 weeks ago. I didnt catch her name and there is a doc that does accupuncure also dr. Lennox I think is her name.


trying for #3 - November 24

Oh Ok thanks for sharing, I guess Dr. Michaels branched out, because when I use to go it was a male egptian doctor named Dr. Michaels that took care fo me. I hope you great success to having a baby. thanks for the info


to trying for #3 - November 24

Dr. soliman is also egymptian I think (studied in Cairo and McMaster), he is out of the Msga office. Is your doctor out of the Brampton office maybe?


trying for #3 - November 24

Oh thank you, well I caloled the mississauga number that I have and it is disconnected, but he has an office in etobicoke across from the osler hospital, thanks for the update, I know him as Dr.Michaels, but at the mississauga clinic there was another doctor name Dr. Soloman


to trying - November 24

If you want the msga # its 905-896-7100. They are open until 3:30 today


trying for #3 - November 24

Actually I got in contact with them and he had branced out form nulife, he now has his own practice


christine - December 3

Hi , this is for trying for #3, i hope all is well for you, my lap on the 14 showed blocked tubes, i met with dr soliman on the 19th he said IVF i cant afford it $4,000 per cycle. I wouldnt know where to get that kind of money, i am doing a small business but i need customers right now its not bringing in any money. thanks for asking though, i feel so hopeless, my dd is without a brother or sister. I wanted to cry but couldnt i just told myself it wont help me.


rlcalc - February 18

I know that I am coming into this discussion pretty late, but I wanted to know if anyone here knows anything about IUI and associated costs in Newfoundland. We are going to be trying IUI (waiting for initial appointment) and are curious about costs, etc.



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