IUI costs in canada
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shannon - October 16

I live in BC, Canada. I have been trying to find out information about IUI and the costs associated with it but everything is for the United States. If anyone knows the approximate costs of IUI in British Columbia, Canada or anywhere in Canada, can you please let me know. I have been ttc for 2 1/2 years and am ready to try IUI.


Annie - October 16

Hi Shannon ! I live in Quebec. We spend 195 $ for each IUI. It included washing of the sperm and insemination. If you are under medication for ovulation stimulation , prices will vary depending on the drug (Gonal-F, Puregon, Clomid, Femara etc..). Also, if you are monitored with ultra-sound, its 80-100$ depending on the clinic (private). If you go to public clinics, u/s are free, but you have to pay the 195 $ for insemination. Also, both on public and private, you'll have to spend about 90 $ for Profasi or Ovidrel (triggers ovulation). Hope it helps.


isa - October 17

Hey shannon I'm in Ontario. 2 iui's (back to back days) is $400 incl washing sperm plus any meds. All monitoring and ultrasounds,b/w covered by OHIP. My meds were each clomid pill $8, my shots are about $13.50 each vile and I use 3 /day. I had to order them through Europe or here they are about $60/vile.The hcg trigger shot was $75. I think i've covered all my costs but it would depend on what you are on for meds


marie - October 17

hi Annie..I am in Quebec also..Did IUI work for u? How many cycle? Thanks!


Annie - October 17

Salut Marie ! I had 3 IUI, each on natural cycle. Now I'm on Femara for our 4th IUI. I have an u/s on thursday to see how many follicles I have. Will you have IUI soon ?


marie - October 18

Hi Annie..no IUI yet..just trying for 1 year..If nothing then go see a RE..I wonder how come even IUI not able to conceive? I mean u inject those healthy sperms directly into Fallopian tube..where it will meet the egg..So what went wrong? :(


christine - October 19

has anybody tried ivf in ontario and got it covered by ohip because of blocked tubes, my re said i would be covered because the tubes are blocked.


to christine - October 20

I have never heard of anything ohip will do to help you get pregnant. They can put ultrasounds and bloodwork through but no procedures to the best of my knowledge. You can however claim them on your income tax as medical expenses I've been told by my tax man.


christine - October 22

i heard from the re they cover it. will see him in nov, will have more info then


Louise - October 26

I live in Edmonton, AB and I am about to undergo my first IUI on Gonal-F. I was told to expect to pay around $1500 in total for everything including the IUI, meds etc. Has anyone tried the Gonal-F? All the postings I read on message boards are from Clomid users. Did anyone have any luck on Gonal-F? Was the procedure stressful with all the injections etc and did you have to take much time off work? Any help on this would be v. helpful, thanx


Nic Tali - October 26

HI Shannon,

Here's a link to my doctor's website: http://www.victoriafertility.com/fees.htm - this takes you directly to the page which lists fees for IUI etc - IUI is $350 there. The fertility centre is in Victoria so I don't know if that's close enough to you or not - if you live on the mainland I'm sure you can find someone there that does it. In my opinion this is a little expensive - when I was being treated in Montreal last year the hospital I was at charged about $180 for it.

Good luck!


christine - October 26

Does any one knows of a good fertility clinic in toronto , or missisauga ontario.thanks


to christine - October 26

newlife fertility centre in Msga near sq 1 on sherwood town blvd. I love the people in there.


christine - October 28

its close to my house , do you know anyone who was succesful using them?


to christine - October 29

They have tons of pics of babys born through them but personally I dont know anyone. I have been going for 2 cyles monitor to see what my probs were and now I'm on 2nd cycle of iui's. I will know in about 2 weeks if it worked.


christine - October 29

good luck to you, i hope it worked pls keep me posted, did you do it at new life or somewhere else? i have visited their website , i saw the pictures


to christine - October 30

yes I've done it at newlife and so far I really like the treatment i have been given. Good luck to you.



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