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lilly2 - March 23

I had iui 6 days ago and it was our second.I am on puregon 50ml, had hcg day12, 13mm lining and 3 follies.I am a bit nervouse b/c first time on injectible and not shore how i will response and what will be the result this month!?Dont want to test to early and waiting is so frustrating.What about you girlls?Baby dust, litlle fingers and toes.


Mega - March 23

Hi Lilly2! Good luck. I'm on a similar schedule too. I had my 4th IUI last Sat., but this is my 1st cycle since I had Ovarian Drilling done in Feb. for my PCOS, so I'm nervous/excited this cycle too. I was on Clomid 150 mgs. again this cycle, but since the drilling I responded much better this time--O'ed earlier (CD 12) & had a bigger follie at trigger time. Yeah, this is going to be a long 2 WW this cycle, isn't it?! Dust back atcha!


Ann - March 23

Hi Lilli2. I had an iui Saturday like Mega. I also had 3 mature follies and 12mm lining. This was also my first month of injectibles. When are you going to test? Good luck!


lilly2 - March 24

Hi Mega, hi Ann, glad to hear from you girlls.I am stearing on the computer and crying b/c my feelings not pregnant again.Cant feel any symptoms and today is 7 days post iui!Yes,Mega this 2ww time drives me creazy, up and down, up and down...I had iui cd 12 but mine was triggered.Hope you will do well with your first cycle and will get positive results.Keeping my fingers crossed for you.Ann, hope as well you'll be lucky to get pregnant this month.I still havent tested, doctor said it is too early and I think should wait for a few more days.Have you decided when yo are going to test?Do you girlls have any signs of pregnancy after iui?I realy dont have any pain, cramps etc-nothing!Baby dust to you girlls and keep informing.


Mega - March 24

Lilly2, it's still a little early for symptoms really. You're only now ready for implantation if you are PG, so you're not out for the count. I give myself that pep talk everyday! :) I imagine if I test it'll be next Sat., 13 DPO, since that's April Fools Day. I love irony. Though I usually TRY not to test, b/c I'm so tired of seeing those ugly BFNs with that 1 mocking line. Anyway, hang in there. And vent to us all you want, whatever it takes to get thru this wait!!


Ann - March 24

lilly2, I agree with Mega. You may have not even implanted yet (takes 6-12 days). I've never heard of hardly anyone getting a BFP until 10dpo and most people seems to get them by 12dpo. I took 1/4 of a hcg shot on Wednesday, so I will have to test late because I will get a false positive. Try to hang in there. You are on the downhill side of the wait!


lilly2 - March 25

Mega, Ann hi girlls, thank you for your response.The reason i am panicing is that i read on this site that many girlls soo after O 5,6..days allready have cramping, nusea, sore boobs...and i been like robot for a last 7 days just last night and this morning had a slightly sore boobs, wich i dont have now, and i thin it is b/c medication puregon or hcg shot.Today is 8 day post iui and i am just feelin af will arrive and it makes me uhhhhh-down again.My darl had good 160 millions semen count, 90%motility and good morphology, so what is the hell with me?Decided not to test for the first time, i will wait till see pregnant or not.Dont want to by pgt this month.God will i ever get pregnant?! , Mega good luck girls you are in such a good positive mood and stay like that, i hate my ups and downs.God bless as all with lots of babies.


tj - March 26

FOr you girls with 12 and 13mm linings are you on meds that help you get your lining that thick? I am lucky if i can squeeze a 7 or 8mm one. 5 iui's not pregnant yet. Lilli2, I"m very jeleous of your dh's high counts and high mot. Ours are around 5-10mil mark postwash and avg about 70% mot. Does he do anything special (ie vitamins etc) or just blessed with good genes?


Ann - March 26

Hi tj. I was on clomid and did injectibles this cycle. Supposedly those meds make some women's linings thinner, but I was lucky and it didn't affect mine. I know some people that take estrogen to keep their lining thick. Also, my dh has really high counts (over 100mil after washing), but I am still not pg (bad eggs and endo). My dh doesn't take vitamins or anything, so I think it is genetics. But, I think certain vitamins can help counts from what I've read on the board. I had what I think was my 6th iui this cycle. Sadly, I have lost count! Are you in the 2ww now? Good luck!


lilly2 - March 26

hi TJ, my lining is every month different and i know that normal lining for implantation shoul be 8-12mm, wich is perfect.I think no neceserry too tick lining is good as well.I was on injectible this time and this time it did not effected my lining.I am taking prenatal vitamins, vit.b,fish oil, red rassberries tea 2-3 times a day and small dossage of baby aspirin to help blood flow.My dh takes mans multi vitamines, fish oil, vit.b.It is good for a guys to take zink it can help sperm count.We are not drinking but he smockes not to much and we ttc since last june.Normal sperm count, washed is 20 and up millions and higher count does not think higher success.I heard many couples conceiving easily with 1 egg and 20-30 millions and we had 3-4 eggs and 160mil and i dont think i am preggo again b/c pre af symptoms are allredy here.As well iui is recomended for a couples with smaller semen count and there is a millions people who conceived as well.All these good results and not succeded pregnancy makes diply disapointed and makes me to give up.It is real missery when you dont know what is wrong, and if you cant achive pregnancy, even good results, something is wrong, or otherwise what stopping you to become pregnant.?!I must have bad eggs b/c my fsh last time was for the first time higher then usually.I am thinking to try 1 more month then to give up and forget about ttc.Maybe God doesnt wants me to become mother.I am very sad since had 2m/c and all doctors and specialist, suported with good results belive i'll get pregnant easy.I dont belive any more.Good luck to you in getting pregnant.God bless you all.


tj - March 26

thank you for your answers. I just finished af, last iui didnt work again. Dh not smoker barely drinks but has low counts and moitlity (ok for iui's postwash) but I think we have egg probs too. Going to try 1 or 2 iui's and then think of ivf maybe. Dh takes multi vits with zink, b vits, cvits and e. He takes 2 /day as per RE's instructions. I created tons of eggs on injections but for some reason we keep losing and doc thinks maybe chromosomal probs?? anyways we'll keep trying for now.


lilly2 - March 27

TJ, I had chromosoms test my dh too, and all came out good as well we allready did cystic fibroses test and i highly recomend to you and your dh to test this early b/c these tests take up to 6 weeks.Hope you'll wouldnt need but as we did feeling much better now at list we know these things are ok, and if you are planing ivf like we are, it is good to have it ready then you can do stright a way.We lost 2 pregnancies at 5 weeks and ttc since june.We had 2 iui one with injectible and now waiting till friday to see.If no successful one more iui and then last ivf.Still hopping i wouldnt need it but....TJ come joyne us on ladies whos done iui2, all girlls are very helpfull and supportive.Good luck in TTC and baby dust too all.



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