IUI and your stories
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carlon - December 1

Hi All, i have been TTC for about 11 months.. i'm due for AF either friday or sat of this week.. start my first round of clomid day 3 of my period, and i start IUI i guess 14-16 days after when i Ovulate.. Jsut wnated to hear all your stroies of Clomid and IUI.. this is all very new to me.. Thanks!


Mega - December 1

Good luck! I just had my 2nd IUI paired with Clomid & the trigger. I'm in my 2 WW, 7 DPO & hoping for that beautiful BFP! My first IUI was a little crampy, didn't even feel my 2nd one. Maybe that's b/c I was used to it, but I think it has more to do with the fact a different dr in the practice did it the 2nd time. My nipples were VERY sore starting like 4 DPO the last time, probably from the trigger. No pain/tenderness yet this time. The crampiness didn't last long for me. The worst part is probably the clamp they use to spread the lip of the vagina to enter the cathetar. It's very quick & has a pretty good success rate. I've taken Clomid 4 times, only had s/e twice. The first time I had a couple "Clomid meltdowns" as my friend called it. A hot flash or two. Nothing too major. The 3rd time I had a 24 hr headache, bearable but not fun. And I figure if I get that baby, it'll soooo be worth it. Good luck. Keep us posted on how it goes. And I'll let you know if I become an IUI success story this round. Baby dust!!!


carlon - December 1

thanks Mega.. What is the trigger.. i'm so scared of clomid.. and i hope that my first iui works for me.. Everyhting looks fine with my and DH except my post coial test came back that i have thick cervix mucus that's why the sperm cant' get throuhg... oh well.. baby dust to you.. is this your first?


Mega - December 1

You're welcome! The trigger is what they call the HcG shot. It just forces the egg(s) you grow to release. Usually it's done with an IUI to get that timing just right. Clomid usually isn't bad, though it might be a little rockier this first time. And even so, you'll only have to endure the s/e for a few days. And the success rate is pretty good. Yes, I'm TTC #1. I've been trying for 15 mos. now. I have PCOS & my DH has morphology issues. I think if your only trouble is thick CM, the IUI should do it for you. Try not to worry if it doesn't happen the first time. Remember, each try advances your odds a little more, just like with BD for couples that have no issues. Thanks for the baby dust!


carlon - December 1

Thanks again!! Good luck with you.. keep us posted.. Now i'm a little confused.. my dr told me to call the day i Ovulate.. that is right.. i use the monitor to let me know when i do..


Hi Carlon - December 1

Good luck with your IUI. I was on 50mg of clomid and had IUI a few years ago. Now I am the proud mother of triplets. I wish you the best and lots of baby dust to you!!!


carlon - December 1

wow triplets.. god bless you!!! Waht is the % of multilpels on IUI. were you jsut IUI?


To carlon - December 1

Carlon, I had my first IUI in Aug., after 3 1/2 years of trying on our own, and I got pregnant from the first one. (Our issue was with my husband's sperm motility and morphology.) I did take fertility drugs, but not Clomid. My RE now uses Arimidex instead (it exits the body faster than Clomid does), so I took 5 mg of that on day 4, did Follistim injections on days 6-11, and then had an hCG trigger shot on day 12. The IUI was the day I ovulated, which was day 13. I produced two eggs but only one was fertilized. I think that, since your only issue is your cm and the IUI will allow the sperm to bypass it, you have an excellent chance of success. Good luck!!


Mega - December 1

Carlon, the % of multiples is actually related to the drug you use to induce ovulation rather than the IUI itself. I think with Clomid the chance of twins is around 10%, maybe a little more if you have a family history. Trips I think are around 1% on Clomid. Up to 25% with injectiables.


carlon - December 1

Thanks again to you all.. i'm jsut so nervous about missing the ovulation.. ya know... thanks again!



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