IUI and waiting anyone?
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gigi23 - February 3

hi.. this is my second time doing iui and clomid.. anyone esel.. i'm due for AF tomorrow, and i'm SOO scared to take a test.. i'm getting so upset.. it's been 14 month TTC.. Just wnated to know if anyone esle was in the same boat.... I have no sypmtons excpet cramps here and there... and kinda sore boobs.. not sure if that is in my head.. ya know..


Mega - February 3

Good luck. I hope AF stays away. I know what you mean about not wanting to test, I usually try not to test myself. Keep us posted! I'm not in the same boat this cycle but I wanted to wish you luck.


Nata - February 3

Gigi, good luck! Please keep us posted. Take care.


chrystal - February 3

I AM WITH YOU GIGI23.....I had an iui 1/28/06.... have to take preg test on 2/9/06..... I am getting impatient.... taking progestorone suppositories....... breast hurt like heck


chrystal - February 3

wow good signs for you!!! I feel like i have no symptons.. UGH.. i hate this.. how many IUI have you had done?


Two Moms - February 4

I just hate the anticipation! It makes me so nervous. Kind of like watching ice skating. I have been sending you positive thoughts. I am due on Wednesday, so I can so relate. I don't have any symptoms, just sore breasts like before AF. Oh, and every now and then I'll get a twinge in my abdomen, but it doesn't last. Im crossing all of my philanges for you!!


Ann - February 4

Hi all. I just got back from iui today. The horrible 2ww has begun!! gigi23, did you test yet??? chrystal, are you going to take a hpt sooner than Feb 9? Or is it a hpt you are going to take on the 9th? Good luck Two Moms! When are you testing?


Two Moms - February 4

I never test. I find it's less painful emotionally to just wait for AF to show, rather than reading "LOSER" on the test. Good luck to you Ann! Gigi, the suspense is killing me! I know it is for you too, just hang in there!


Ann - February 4

Two Moms, my dh thinks like you do--more painful to test. For some reason, it makes me feel better to test, even if it says negative (as it has always said for me). I can't stand not knowing! Dh said we should not test this month, but I told him that isn't going to happen!:)


Elyse - February 4

Ann, there you are - how are you? Are you achy at all - I seem to get achy after my IUI's, but I get 2, on consecutive days - maybe that's why. How was the wine and the footrub? I get them from dp also - what a treat!!!!


eden - February 4

Hi there. I too am in the 2ww period. I am supposed to go test next Friday at the clinic. I have tender breasts, but think it is to my lovely period coming or the progesterone suppositories. My dh has sperm count of only 13 million/ 6.5 million after the wash. Is this enough for this IUI to occur. This is my first time doing the IUI. Been ttc for 13 months.


Nin - February 5

Hi I had my 4th iui on 24th & 25th Jan (back to back). but i m not sure whether we will succeed b'cause on 24th when my RE scanned i had already ovulated. hoping for the best.............


Pumpkins Mommie - February 5

I am on my second cycle of IUI and Gonal F Pen, and waiting for my test on BT on 2/10/06,and I am praying that it is positive. Just try and think positive, I know it is easy said then done. I wish everyone here in the forum gets pregant, and has a healthy baby.. :)


gigi23 - February 6

hi All, thanks for all your responses.. well toay i'm on day 34, and i do have AF cramps.. UGH.. i'm SOO scared to take a test... i feel like it's the biggest exam of my life, and i'm goign to fail!!! everyone around me is PG and it's starting to hurt!!!


Two Moms - February 6

Gigi...it's great that AF hasn't started. Weren't you due to start on saturday? What are you feeling, other than cramping? Are you having typical PMS symptoms? I wish you the best.


gigi23 - February 6

well thanks for all your responses.. sad to say that AF just showed up.. i'm SOO depressed, i cnat' stop crying.. it's so upsetting.. i thought for sure IUI was going to work for me.. Oh well looks like i'm going on round 3!!!!


Ann - February 6

gigi23, I am soooo sorry to hear the witch showed up. Try to keep your chin up, although I know that is not always possible. I hope you feel better soon, and can focus on next month. Will you be doing another clomid/iui cycle?



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