IUI and S.D. # 5
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whynotme - October 26

Here it is girls!


montie75 - October 26

I found you!! How did your appointment go?


montie75 - October 26

whynotme, did they let you listen to the heartbeat? What's your due date?


whynotme - October 26

Hey girls! Well I had my first prenatel visit yesterday and everything seemed to be fine. The Dr. did tell me that I have a tilted uterus which is causing my cervix to sit very low towards my va-jay-jay (LOL). She asked me if I had ever been told that my uterus is tilted and I said "NO". You mean to tell me I have been seeing a gyno since my teens and I am now 29 and no one has ever told me that!! She said that it's nothing to worry about, that when the baby starts to grow it will straighten out. It is causing a little pain and sex with hubby is out until that darn cervix moves out of the way. I didn't get an u/s, but they scheduled me for next week. I have no idea why they didn't just do it yesterday so that I didn't have to come back. I assume it's because they want my $20 copay again! HE HE..... Mon, my due date is May 25, 2007 and I am 10 weeks today. Sickness has subsided, but now I get seriously hungry and then when I eat my stomaches hurts so bad!! I just can't win! T-that happened to me with my ovidrel injection that one time. Remember I couldn't get the rest of it out and I tried and tried to get it. By the time I just decided to use what I had the needle was so dull that I couldn't use it. Thankfully the nurse had given me a different needle to screw on for the leg. Ouch! That hurt! Are you having your IUI today or was it yesterday??


slowpoke01 - October 26

hey girls i found you all. thanks for starting the new thread. THAY-i am so excited for you to be starting again. good luck girl i am sending + vibes your way. WHYNOT- yes dec. i get to try again.i cant wait. i think that i am going to buy some vials in nov. so that i dont have to worry about that in dec. also i think that buying some vials ahead is a very wise idea. that way when you do decide to try again that will be less that you will have to worry about. wow 10 weeks that is awesome. so you are almost through the first trimester huh? i am so proud of you. we will all be right behind you. MONTIE- wow you are starting again! time sure has flown by. this is so exciting. i am excited for all of us. i will be right behind you girls in no time. well i will check back in later good luck you girls take care.


cspears99 - October 26

Hi whynotme I am so happy for you!!!! Its been a while since I have been on, did you do injectibles or just the regular IUI with Clomid?? we are going to do the IUI with injectibles, congrats to you!!! Cheryl


thayward7 - October 26

Hey Gals! I had ultrasound and bloodwork today - nothing major to report yet. I get tomorrow "off", then I go for b/w Saturday and b/w and u/s on Sunday. Hopefully something will have developped by then. I don't know yet when my IUI will be. I am on cycle day 8 today - one more injection of Repronex to do tonight. Whynot, I do remember your ordeal with the injection! LOL! I talked to the nurse today and she said it was fine - I showed her the vial. That made me relax a little. Congrats girl on your first appointment going well. Mon and Slow - can't wait for you girls to be trying again too. I went to a Maternity store today! We don't have any where I live - so needless to say, I picked up a few things AGAIN! I have more maternity clothes now than I do regular clothes. I hope I get to use them soon!!!! Smiles and Babydust... T


whynotme - October 26

Hey Cheryl, yes it has been awhile since you have been here! I did 100 mg clomid and 2 trigger shots and it looks like 4 time was a charm. I am only having one baby, phewwww! I am just hoping that there isn't a surprise baby on the u/s next week. I have been reading about some women on here not finding another baby until the 2nd u/s. YIKES! I am starting to get a little tummy and pretty much just look like a big ol' blubber butt! I have onlly gained 4 lbs. since getting pregnant, so I think that's pretty good. I am going to try to really only gain 25-30 lbs. Let's see how well I do!


slowpoke01 - October 27

hey girls i probably wont be on for a few days. i have to go to oklahoma because dh's mom is in the last stages of myeloma cancer and they said that she could have 3 days or 3 weeks to live they didnt know for sure. i will check back in when i get back.


thayward7 - October 27

Hey Gals! I have the day "off" today - it's a good thing because I feel kinda' sick to my stomach - my belly has a giant bruise from last night's injection, so that spot is also pretty sore. It'll all be worth it I'm sure!!! SLOW, I am sorry to hear about your MIL. I will be thinking of you and your DH and wishing your DH's mom peace. Smiles and Babydust...


montie75 - October 30

Hey girlies!! Sorry I haven't been around. My mom is in the hospital. She had a heartattack. That's just crappy.....today they are going in to find the blockage and find out how bad it is. I haven't heard anything yet, so my fingers are crossed that it isn't too bad. I went and got my meds yesterday. I should be starting them sometime this week. Cant wait for AF to start!! LOL...........Thayward, sorry to hear about your injection spot. It's funny that it upsets your stomach because the ovidril does that to me. I always feel sick afterwards. (and thirsty) Sorry to hear about your mom, slow. My thoughts are with you!! Whynotme, how are you feeling?


slowpoke01 - October 30

hey girls well i am back from oklahoma. my mother in law isnt doing good at all so i dont look for her to make it much longer. montie so sorry that your mother is in the hospital. i hate to hear that. dh's dad had open heart surgery last year he had to have a 6 bypass because he had 6 blockages. that was scary and i know what you are going through. THAY so sorry about that big bruise that you got. i bet that it is painful. whynot- how are you doing? well i gotta get off here i will check back tomorrow. take care all


whynotme - October 30

Hey girls! Mon, I am so sorry to hear about mom. I couldn't imagine if my mom were to have a heart attack!! I hope that she is doing fine and everthing will work out. T, sorry to hear about the big ol' bruise from the shot, yikes! When are you doing the IUI?? Today I am feeling just blah! Not really any nausea, or anything like that, just blah! I feel like a big mess, bad hair, clothes don't fit, ugh! On the brigher side, my tummy is starting to get a little round and I can definitely tell that I have a bundle in there. I go for my 2nd u/s this week so I will keep you posted. Have a great day girls!


thayward7 - October 30

Hey Girls, Bad News... I am out for this cycle. My hormone levels dropped for 2 days in a row, so my procedure was cancelled. I can't stop crying. Why can't my body do what it is suppose to?
Mon, I am keeping you and you Mom in my thoughts and prayers. ... T


whynotme - October 30

T, why did they even monitor your hormone levels?? My RE never did any testing except for u/s monitoring. Hmmmm.. I am so sorry that you are feeling sad, but try to keep your head up. It is very common for us to be mad at our bodies for not performing as they should. Just know that there is a reason for everything. This might just not have been the right time for you. Did your dr. have any suggestions to get your hormone levels up for next cycle??


thayward7 - October 30

I get my hormones tested every day (sometimes they skip one day) from day 8 until my IUI - it shows if everything is increasing like it should. No real suggestions yet -except that he'll have to work on my "recipe". My follow-up appointment isn't until AFTER my next cycle starts! CRAZY! But, I was told I can still call on my next day 1 and they can get the orders even though I haven't spoken with the specialist yet. So, I guess that means I'll find out with the next orders. I'm going to do some research on-line though. I suspect they will keep me on the injections longer... but I don't know. Thanks for your thoughts girl... T


montie75 - October 31

Happy Halloween!! OMG, I posted in the morning and missed all kinds of stuff from you guys. Thayward, I am sorry about this cycle. I don’t understand what happened to your hormones. They never test me for that. Is this something I should worry about? Thank you everyone for your warm thoughts regarding my mother. She is doing better, but still in the hospital. They are going to put a stent (m/s) in her heart. It could be worse, so I am grateful!! Slow, I will pray for your mother in law. I just hate it when people get sick within the family. It’s always so hard. Whynotme, glad to hear that you are feeling better. I can’t for the rest of us to join you!! LOL……….



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