IUI and chances of getting pregnant???
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tiff - August 7

hello ladies,
any one doing IUI this month? this will be my first one I m really nervous after reading the consent form :) what are the chances that it will work the first time? I ve been on CLomid for month2s but nothing happened? and do I need to take couple days off when having that done? a lot of baby dust....


thayward7 - August 7

Hi Tiff... you will find several women on this site who have gone through IUI, including me! I know it can work the first time, but I think the statistics vary on success rates from 5-25% per cycle. 5 being on the low side - overall I have usually read a 20% chance per cycle. I have never had to take a couple of days off - the day of the procedure you may want to take off, just for you... but then life as normal. Don't worry!!!! It doesn't hurt and a lot of women have had success using IUI - I am in the 2WW of my 4th try. GOOD LUCK!!!! Take Care.
- T


isa - August 7

I recommend you take it easy the day you have it done (I always went home and rested) but other than that, don't lift anything over 10lbs during the 2ww is what I was told and your ok to go. They didnt work for me (I did 7 -6 medicated), now going natural and waiting for the go ahead to probably due ivf. It works for some the 1st time and I heard one gal did 10 and got pg on her 10th. Everyone is different and clinics and doctors have different success rates with diff't ages and conditions.


tiff - August 7

Thanks Thayward7 and Isa, I will be doing 2 days of IUI, since u said it doesn't hurt I am less nervous...good luck to both you...


evy - August 7

hi tiff , i did my IUI 9 days a go took like 60 second and all the swimmers were UP , (god knows how many made it) cus they were not as fast as they should ! i had no pain just little cramp like ovulation cramp , i was not on clomid just had prygnal shot to make sure i Ovulated! here is website about IUI and was very helpful to me , good luck to you and let us know how you doing, http://www.pinelandpress.com/faq/iui.html


slowpoke01 - August 7

tiff- i too have had 1 iui it does not hurt at all actually to me it was less painful than a pap smear. the day of iui you need to relax but like these girls say after that life as normal. my doc told me to stop doing any kind of strenuous exercise and dont be lifting anything. he also said that the more iui's you do the better your chances are each cycle. he said the 1st cycle is like a 15% chance..the 2nd cycle is like a 30% chance and the 3rd cycle is like a 60% chance give or take a little. but the statistics look pretty good. he said after 4 iui's if im not pg then we will get more aggressive. he said that 3out of every 5 iui's he does workd on the 1st try. and he was just guessing at that number but like you i wanted to know what my chances were. talk to you doc because each clinic has their own statistics and each ones numbers are different. take care and good luck. oh yeah this will be my 2nd iui..but there is a girl that is on here that got pregnant her 1st iui without any meds. so i guess it just depends on what other problems you have like endo or whatever and your age and dh's sperms health and everything. but good luck to you.


tiff - August 7

Hello ladies thanks for the support,
I m just wondering why most of u chose to do the IUI without Colimd, i been on it for 2 months but no luck...thanks evy for the link and goo luck to u was it ur first IUI? and slowpoke good luck to u too ...by the way I m 28 years ols and both me and my husband have no problems it s just one one of those unexplained infertility I ve been trying for 16 months wow that is a long time :)


evy - August 7

Tiff im also 28 and husband 38 , i dont take clomid cus i ovulate on my own my dr said if after 3 times (IUI )didnt work then we start med , my husband swimmers are little lazy so we needed to do iui ps; before iui they wash sperms so we have high chance. we are trying for almost a year and this is our first and hopfully last IUI. when is your IUI ? do you ovulate on your own?


tiff - August 7

oh Evy my husband is 38 too LOL ...I do ovulate on my own but the only problem I have is the spotting before my periods for 3 to 5 days and with the clomid I didn't have it last month but it started agin yesterday, i dunno one thing after an other...I will have my period tomorow i beleive so from there we 'll figure out when to have it and I m also waiting for the insurance approval ... I let u posted..
did u do the shot Evy? my Dr wants me to take it as well...


evy - August 7

wow cool ! well i will be 28 in october . did you say to your dr that you had spotting again? i have no idea about clomid and what it really does ! so your waitting for af tomorrow , i hope she wont show up and you wont have todo iui at all !we only payed 75 Euro to wash the sperm. i dont know how much does it cost for you . by the way you know that from the first day your af start you have to call your dr .im sure you know just wanted to remind you ! LOL . yes i did have a shot (prygnal 5000) they give it to my stomach and didnt hurt , yes they give you shot for timming for iui, well i wish you lots of luck and let me know how you doing.


tiff - August 7

Thank you so much Evy...I hope the best luck for u too , that is so cool cause I will be 28 in SEptember 1 LOL...my insurance will cover every thing just with moniting the whole cycle they need some kind of approval... where r u from? I m from Boston..


evy - August 7

hope we are both far pg on our birthday! im from belgium.have never been in boston ! well maybe one day with my kids ! i want 2 boys and if my husband call still go for it i want 2 boys and 1 girl ! me and you i mean our countries have diffrent law about insurance. i also get part of money of my U/S back but to be honest everything together is not cheap still we are working for it but im so thankfull that we are able to do it and pay for it. having baby it became like a dream so no matter how much hurts or how mcuh cost we gone make it ! you gone make it too,we all do.
is almost 22.30 pm here , my husband is out of country and im gone call him , im praying to god i can make him a dady soon. you have a wonderfull day and i will talk to you tomorrow, :)


tiff - August 7

Alright Evy have a great night we ll talk tomorrow and hopefully u get 3 kids just like u wish...and i want 4 2 boys and 2 girls.


slowpoke01 - August 8

hey tiff-i take clomid days 3-7 i went for u/s today and i have 3 big follicles 20,19,and 18 in size on the right side and 3 on the left side but i forgot what size they were i will probably go in tomorrow and get hcg trigger shot and go thursday for iui.


tiff - August 8

Slowpoke, good luck to you, I hope it works this time for you...keep us posted plz!!


slowpoke01 - August 8

thanks tiff good luck to you too. i will let you know what happens


evy - August 9

hi tiff how are you ? i couldnt stop by yesterday , did af arrived? wooow you want 4 kids ? poor DH ! is he agree ? i really do hope you get 4 happy healty beautiful kid. i will catch you later. ;)



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