IUI & insurance??????
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skeeter - August 20

My doctor said that if the meds didn't work this month that he wanted to do IUI this next month. Is there anyone on here that has Blue Cross & Blue Shield that had it done? Did they help pay? My information doesn't say anything about IUI only IVF. Thanks!!


wannabeamom - August 20

Hi Skeeter. All plans are different. I would call and find out exactly what they will cover. GL.


skeeter - August 20

I understand that every plan is different, sorry, I should have been more specific. Has anyone that has BC&BS that covers IVF specifically, but not IUI had any luck getting them to cover it? My problem is that I have PCOS and that's not listed. They'll cover IVF if a woman has endometriosis, 2 yrs of medically documented infertility and if the infertility isn't due to a voluntary procedure to tie tubes, vasectomy of partner, etc.... I'm anovulatory due to PCOS. If there is anyone on here that is anovulatory due to PCOS that got their insurance to cover IUI I'd love to hear how. Thanks!!!


skeeter - August 23

Just wanted to bump it up : ) I'm still waiting to hear from my insurance company. Any advice ladies???



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