IUI - what is it
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shannonb - April 28

Hi, I am considering IUI and would like more information from those of you who have experieneced it. What is the procedure? Is t painful? What is the chance of multiple births? What is the success rate? etc, etc, etc. Please help. TTC for almost two years so I would like to know if this is the right way for me to go. Thanks. Baby dust to all.


bump - April 28



LR - April 28

I am doing IUI and hoping to get pregnant-I have beeb trying for over two years-I is not painful and I would definitely reccom it-Do you have any suggestions for me-HELP


bump - April 29



ss - April 30

IUI is kind of insemination.They place the washed sperm into a clynder which has a long very thing tube connected to it. They insert the tube into you and push the sperm through the tube.
This long thin tubes allows the sperm to be shot up and above the uterus which makes it in a better place then normal intercourse.
It is totally painless. The worst part is that annoying THING that all gyno's use to open you up...I forget the name, but I hate those suckers!!!


shannonb - April 30

ss - thanks for your help. I am glad that it is not painful because I was worried about it. I think that it is the next logical step since we haven't gotten pregnant with the clomid yet.



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