IUI - First timer
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jg - October 2

Hi all. I've done IVF 6 times unsuccessfully but managed to conceive naturally. Have a 16 month old son, and am on waiting list for laparoscopy for endo. In the meantime we are doing IUI every month until the operation.....I had my ultrasound today and am injecting Ovidrel tonight, transfer of semen on Wednesday. I am having a fresh transfer - has anyone had this done with successful outcome? What are your stories? Thanks in advance for your responses!


DCL - October 2


If all my numbers come back fine, I have a lot of follicles and there may be a concern that I will have to skip this month. If all works, I will may have my 3rd IUI on Wed or Thurs. The last 2 went ok but failed. I think it's all in the timing. They aren't painful - a little uncomfortable but it is quick - thank goodness!


slowpoke01 - October 3

i had 2 iui's but i used a sperm donor and i got pregnant the 2nd one but had to terminate because it was tubal. doc said that there is a 1% chance for any woman who gets pregnant to have a tubal and i was just one of the unlucky ones. good luck to you



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