IUI - Are you having one or had success with one?
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Kandy - July 10

I am going in for my first IUI next week and was looking for other women to chat with who is going through the same thing. I would also love to hear about anyone's success stories from their IUIs. I am 34...I have PCOS and DH has a slightly low count. I've never been PG before and we're really hoping our first IUI works.


Lena - July 11

Hi Kandy, I've had several IUIs both w/ and w/o clomid. The procedure isn't anymore uncomfortable than a paps. It doesn't hurt, it just feels...well, odd, like someone is tickling you from inside. Its normal to have slight bleeding or cramps afterwards. The most difficult part of an IUI are the two weeks afterwards. Every little twinge, pang, and gasp will leave you wondering, "Am I?" Good Luck!!



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