IUI ...Anybody pregnant with 1 folicle?
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maryp - January 22

Anybody got pregnant with IUI after detecting only 1 folicle.. please someone give me a positve answer... keeping my fingers crossed


baby1234 - January 22

I just wanted to say that it only takes one follicle/egg to get pregnant! Don't give up hope...


maryp - January 23

baby1234...It"s been only 3 days since the iui.. and can't stand the wait... Qhat"s the earlierst I can take a preg test?


Tink - January 23

it only takes one like baby said! i've heard of it happening before. it's about the quality of the egg, not the quantity. i've had 7 mature follicles for 2 IUI cycles (clomid) and not any of them took. so quantity doesn't mean everything. i am just counting on ONE good one for IVF. good luck! earliest you can test if you did the trigger shot is 10 days past (you can get a false positive from the trigger shot too early). even then, i would be worried it wasn't right. i always waited until 14 days past IUI just to be sure.


maryp - January 24

hi tina.. I am in Canada and here when you do iui dr does not take u.sound..I been noticing on other thread that all doing iui using clomid u/sound are done..... the reason I know of that one egg is that I was in the middle of ivf cycle dr did do u/sound and said no point in continuing ivf.. this cycle so I had one injection called ovidrel and then the next day iui was preformed... Let me know what you think thks


Gosia - January 24

Maryp, I had 2 iui's done with trigger shots but no ther meds. I ovulate on my own, usually have one or two good size folicles. My re does the ultradound just befor my trigger shot and then before each iui. I live in Canada, so it just depends if your re has the equipment to do it.If this iui does not work, I will probably try clomid /iui next cycle.


maryp - January 24

Hi Gosia. thank you for your feedback... I"ve done several iui cycle with clomid, bt never with an u/sound.this facility is equipped with all the equipment necessary/ even an or... i've seen it...


Tink - January 24

Mary- i would definitely request an u/s. this way they can truly see what is going on and how you are responding to the meds......it is important they do on prior to starting the meds/cycle to ensure you have no cysts.....taking meds if you have a cyst can be dangerous.



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