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Amanda - May 25

Can someone please tell me when you can have an IUI? before clomid? after fertitly drugs? next to last resort? Is any of it covered on insurance? does it cost a lot? if so about how much? sorry for all the questions. thanks.


Amanda - May 25



Amanda - May 25

Need some help


Tracy - May 25

Amanda, the timing of IUI is really up to your Dr. It also depends on the infertility problem? IUI can be done after some basic infertility testing. Did you have an HSG or any hormone testing? IVF is actually the last resort. Most insurance companies do not cover IUI, then again it depends what state you are in. In PA, most do not cover. If you check you benefits thru your insurance they will tell you what and how much is covered. The cost of an IUI varies from state to state, in my case it is about $200 per try. Hope this helps.



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