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katie - November 26

does IUI really work?


Judi - November 26

Yes, sometimes it does. My husband and I tried on our own for 3 1/2 years with no luck, and then we did one cycle of IUI and I got pregnant.


Edy - November 27

I just did my 1st round of injections and IUI and I am pregnant with mt 1st child and everything is looking really good. My SIL got pregnant last year on her 1st IUI also. It does work. We had a great RE, and God has truly blessed us!!!!


katie - November 27

tanks judi and edy , so happy for both of you , hope i can get +++ answer too.


another question katie - November 27

OH AND here another question i heard that doctors wont agree to do IUI if you dont have really problem and you just want to get fast pregnent did you guys heard about this thing before?


T - November 27

I had no obvious problem and my dr did an IUI and clomid with me. And it worked. You just have to find the right dr. A specialist. But depending on your age, you might want to try for at least 6 months-one year.


katie to T - November 27

tanks for answer ,whick kind of doctor did IUI for you ?im 27 and tried for 6 month problem is my husband is mostly out of contry and we both work and study and not much time left to make love 5 times a week so i we thought IUI would be answer but you are right i should fined a specialist .


Olivia - November 27

I am sure this is one of those "stupid" questions, but what is IUI? DH & I are on month 5 of ttc & have had no luck yet. AF is regular, but I don't think that I am ovulating.


katie to olivia - November 27

is not stupid question, IUI is Intrauterineinsemination, im sorry about your pain , you should see a docter im sure he can give you somthing to help you to ovulate.if i was you i would call my DR tomorrow it took me 5 years to realise that if we cant do it ourself we should ask for help.


olivia - November 28

thanks katie! i will have a dr appt. soon. i am supposed to call to set up a pelvic ultrasound on CD13 of my next cycle. I have been cramping for the past day or two so I don't think that AF is far away. I guess it's good so I can get the test & see what is going on, but it will be the 2nd month in a row with a cycle of 18-19 days! Have you had any children? Thanks for your help!


katie - November 28

Hi Olivia , im sure everything gone work out for you ,i heard many people with same problem but this is not somthing that you cant fix, is a matter of time and that what hurt us most , my husband called to specialist today and hope i can see her on 19 Dec kills me that i cant see her tomorrow but im already thinking about making his room ready! i dont have any children and having little guy at home is like a dream , wish we didnt wait so long! Do you have kids or is it your first one? good luck Olivia and let me know when you got some news!



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