Its been a long 34 months!
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carrot top - November 13

Hey Everyone, I'm new to this board. I've been on the "signs of pregnancy" forum but my husband and I are just starting fertility testing so I thought that maybe I should move to this forum for support! Just to give you some information about our situation... My husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 years now. I am 25 years old and my hubby is 26. We've been married for 4 1/2 years. We are pastors/ officers with The Salvation Army in Canada and we are VERY busy! So the time has just zoomed by very fast and the next thing you know it’s been three years and no baby. So we decided last month that it was time to get the ball rolling. We went and saw our doctor who said we are both in good health (Although we could lose a bit of weight!). So now my hubby needs to go to get a sperm analysis (He is not looking forward to that!). So we are just at the beginning of what could be a long hard journey. I find myself very anxious about this road. For the last three years I have been able to tell myself that we haven't been blessed with a child because of the many stresses we have had at our church (Fires and Floods!). But now we have to start facing the facts and realize that we may find out that we can't have children. Or my worse fear is that they will find nothing wrong and yet we still won't get pregnant. I'd rather have something that I can fix! Anyway, Is anyone else in these beginning stages that would like to chat? Maybe we can give each other some encouragement. ALL my friends (And I mean all!) have children and had no difficulty conceiving, so they don't really understand the emotional roller coaster that you go through. Any advice or friendly chat would be appreciated! Thanks everyone in advance!


meltux - November 17

Hi, My husband and I have been "trying" for nearly 2 years and i have actually been off the pill for 3 years. Started clomid round 1, 2, 3...nothing. Actually did not like the effect it all had on my cycles so i went to a naturopath and started herbs and acupuncture....this has been for the last 3 months and all has been awesome! My cycles were actually unbalanced hormonally at different times throughout ,so the herbs helped to sort this out and the acupuncture relaxed me at different times of the month. We have led an extremely stressful life since being married (jobs, family issues etc) and I believe this plays a HUGE part in ovulation and the ability to conceive. I too have EVERYONE around me getting pregnant in a matter of months and sometimes they are the most unhealthy, unwanting parents so I have been a little upset at times...ok a lot of times but i do try and keep it all at bay and just go an get some more acupuncture!!!! IT HELPS!!!!
Find a good naturpath and GO!!!!
I have just recently had a Lap done because my gyno was concerned about a little bit of light bleeding I have had BUT...NOTHING IS all I can conclude is that stress and lifestyle plays a part! We know we will have is a matter of time really and I feel it is much more can I do???? Anyway, best of luck and of course i can help out and chat anytime...i am in the same boat and have actually started a few things as a yeh....find a Naturopath!!! i am back to mine in 2 days to help me get over the Lap surgery and then onto next month!!!!! YAY


carrot top - November 18

Hi Meltux! Thanks for the response. I figured this post wasn't going to get any replys!! Thanks for the advice. I may look into that when I find out whats going on with our fertility. My hubby had the sperm analysis done and we are now waiting on the results. It seems as if it is taking forever... even though he only just had it done on Tuesday! You'd think in 3 years that I'd have been use to the waiting game! Anyways... I would love to chat... its nice to have someone to talk to who is in a similar boat! I hope that someday soon we will be both holding a BFP in our hands! Baby blessings!


meltux - November 19

Hi carrot top, My hubby also had about 3 rounds of sperm tests...chromatin, sperm count, sperm mobility etc and unfortunately we can't blame him (damn it) as all is great there!!!! My Husband was VERY anxious about the whole thing and I'm sure he held his breath until each of the results came back..BUT it is unfortunately all part of it and in the end you can cross things off and then cross fingers again and again and again!!!
I HATE the waiting game and if anyone says "your time will come" one more time...i will scream at them!!!! or "just stop will happen!!!!" AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!
But we are getting there and you will too! Like i said i just had a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy and found nothing so it is even more frustrating!!!! But i know it will all be worth it in the end.... yes a little angel will be all worth it!!! Let me know how you go! See-ya!!!


carrot top - November 19

Meltux, you are so right! I too will scream if someone else says "just don't think about it and it will happen" or some other stupid, hurtful statement like that. I use to let it roll off my back before but now I tell them how much that bothers me. I know they mean well... Anyways, We still haven't heard the test results yet. I'm hoping on Monday we will get them. I also didn't know that my hubby would have to do this more then once. Why don't they do all the tests possible from the one sample? Thats frustrating. I'm not looking forward to telling him he may have to do this again! It was bad enough the first time! I've heard that when you get the laparoscopy it can improve your chances as there may have been a slight blockage but when they do the test it pushes it out of the way. Lets hope this works for you! May I ask how old you are? Just wondering... hope its not rude! I will let you know about the results as soon as we get them!


meltux - November 21

Sorry I have taken so long to write....have you got the test results back???? i'm not sure how it all works where you are (I am in Australia) but the first sperm test is to ensure they have enough and mobility etc etc and then later on you may have to "re-do" this to update records...THEN if all is ok with you (enough progesterone, eostrogen levels etc etc) then they may want to do a chromosonal sperm test where scientists look REALLY CLOSELY at the little fellas to see if there are any abnormalities...two heads, five tails, etc yeh I'm not sure if you can request to have them all done at once.
I too have heard about Laps helping to get things moving!!! (fingers crossed but still going to keep on moving forward!)
I am 31 and my husband is 34. We have been married for 3 years in April next year. I was on the pill for about 13 years prior to going off and I think it really upset my whole system....and it wasn't until i started charting and taking herbs this year that there has been a HUGE improvement in my cycles!!! I tell you carrot top a naturopath helped straighten me out and also relax with acupuncture. My hubby and I have been stressed a bit over the last year or so due to work and other family issues so being able to relax is a major thing! Anyway, where are you and maybe i should give you my e-mail address so we can communicate easier!!! Cheers and hear from you soon


carrot top - November 22

Hi Meltux, no we have not yet recieved the results from the test. Today is one week, so tomorrow I'm going to call and ask about it. I would love to exchange e-mails. It would be much easier then doing it this way. If you would like to e-mail me its [email protected]


BriannasMummy - November 22

Hey carrot top! I just wanted to share my story. Im 25 and my husband just turned 30, when we first met we were able to have a child. It was the best day of my life.. a year after she was born we decided that we would have another baby. So for the next 3 years we tried and tried and tried and tried.. with nothing. I finally totally gave up.. I decided that I should be more then happy with the gift, God had already given me. So last summer July 2005, I finally gave away/sold all of my baby furniture and clothes. I totally stopped trying to have a baby. In April.. my husband came home from work with a test. He said.. I KNOW YOU ARE PREGNANT.. i thought he was crazy! I honestly didnt want to take another test to find it negetive. With some convincing I took the test. IT WAS POSITIVE. I am now 37 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. Just goes to show you that, when you least expect it.. things can and will happen. I know what you are going through.. and I know the heart wrenching feeling you get when you see another negetive test. I hope with all of my being that someday soon youll get your BFP! ~Kristin~


carrot top - November 28

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we went to the Doctor today and found out that my hubby has some lazy swimmers! He is below the minimum (38 million) and in the first hour they don't seem to want to move! They don't start swimming until about 3 hours later! So much for keeping my legs up for twenty minutes! So now I have to go and get tested to see if I am adding to the problem. I will let you know when I go to see the fertility doctor!


meltux - November 28

hey carrot top, it's a good thing that you start to find these things out now and can start to do stuff about it straight away!!! Zinc is a major factor to help men out and check out some sites about men's fertility and helping with sperm mobility....I am so pleased there is something you can now work on!!!!! hopefully this is the only prob and you can get to it!!! hey, how does your huby feel. I know mine was sooooooo nervous!! i have sent you an e-mail too. bye now!!!



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