its been 6 months now :-((
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nassimai - January 5

hi ladies. hope u r doing good & may this year brings happiness to all of you. well i m new to this forum. its really great to have such things available for us to share & discuss. i m trying to conceive for last six months. no luck. doctors said all reports are fine. just dont know whats wrong. its been 45 dys now & my period hasn't started. Hpt & Blood test were -ve. i have no feeling of periods. this never happened before. can any one suggest me somthing on this as what to do. thanks & take care


star_4_baby - January 5

hi nass-as u said that the dr reports are fine than whats the problem with your periods...did you get second opinion...because when my periods were not regular and the dr could'nt figure out whats wrong...than i went this other dr who asked me to get my harmones checked whch was totally messed up and then i started this med for my harmone ...i am ttc but i cannot concieve if my harmone goes up so i have to bring it down with the help of med......any way good luck and baby dust


slowpoke01 - January 5

it sounds like you may not have ovulated this cycle. sometimes when a woman doesnt ovulate it can delay her period. you will need to talk to your doc and induce you period with meds if it doesnt come by itself. it is normal for women not to ovulate every cycle. it sounds like you may have a hormone imbalance. you should have it checked out and they should start you on meds to regulate it. good luck


Tink - January 5

i would definitely see the doc again. they can give you something to induce your period- (prometrium?). plus i would want to be checked to figure out the possible problem etc.


nassimai - January 6

hi guys, thanks a tonn for ur suggestions. i am feeling a bit relaxed. i got my follicular monitoring done this cycle. and i did ovulated on 2oth day of my cycle i.e on 11th dec. still my period hasn't come :-((. rather i had observed thick & milky white cm at the time when my period was actually due. it lasted for 5-6 days. dont know what was that. was it that i ovulated again that time?? is it possible to ovulate twice in a month?? any idea??


nassimai - January 6

i had consulted my doc a week back and she said just wait for ur periods to come naturally. but its very depressing to see such things happening.


star_4_baby - January 7

NAS-dont worry dont take too much stress sometimes that could also cause the periods not to come...when ever i am depress or any month when i face some personal problems which leave me with stress the first thing get effected is my period i dont get them....if you are talking about the 'thick milky white" stuff normally it happens when you are not ovulating.....



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