its been 3 months still not pregnant
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troubleshooting - February 13

before i was trying to get pregnant i was on birth control for four years. i met my boyfiend and for about 5 months i havent been on them.we have tried for three months. what could be some reasons to why im not?


Chas - February 13

There could be many, many reasons. But..... 5 mos off the pill and 3 mos trying is NOTHING. Be patient. Don't get discouraged until it's been a year, or two in my case !! I don't know how old you are or why you would be trying without being married, but you must know your cycle to get pregnant. You have to be ovulating which is approx. 14 days after your period if you have a 28 day cycle.


slowpoke01 - February 14

you should have sex 2 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. you have to have well timed intercourse and you have to be ovulating. buy some of the ovulation predictor tests and start using them and maybe even start charting your temps using a basal body thermometer. also there may be sperm issues or your progesterone could be low. if you have only been trying for 3 months dont stress too much because the docs usually wont even discuss infertility until you have been trying for at least a year with well timed intercourse. good luck.


Tink - February 14

i agree- be patient, read up, track your bbt and cervical mucus to ensure you are ovulating. 3 months is not long at all (this coming from someone who has been on fertility meds for a year and now doing in vitro). it just takes time. being off BCP can also take time to get your cycle back to normal and hormones back in range. so be patient, track your temp etc. After a year of trying with no luck, then you should seek help. It's always good to let your ob/gyn know you are trying. they can always sometimes give you tips etc.


harrisap - February 14

actually trouble shooting they usually recomend that you wait for 3 months to even start ttc because of your imbalance of hormones


hails26 - February 26

Ive been trying for 6-8 months but nothing ive tryed ovulation tests and cant seem to fall pg But i have cyst on my left overie



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