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Jellybabe - August 26

My husband (26) and I (23) are trying to concieve baby #1.I've just ovulated between the 19 and 23rd of August, and i am anxiously waiting for any signs.It's our 4th time trying and we are begining to get a bit worried and worked up.How long does it normally take for couples to concieve?I am taking pre-conception pills, having sex when i'm ovulating and used ovulation tests twice already.Please can anyone give advice!?


KellyN - August 26

Hi Jellybabe! When I started ttc, everyone told me that I should give it a year. I think it is really common for it to take up to a year to concieve for the first time. Try not to worry about it, sweetie, I'm sure you will be blessed soon!


natalya - August 26

i have the same problem, but only iam going to school, and my husband wants to move to AZ and give birth there and i said i will give birth in NY. so i despretly need to get pregnant and its olso not working fo rme...


Elise - August 27

Give it a year, but I know some go in even after 6 months if they are really worried about it.


Sara - August 27

Hi Jellybabe, like the others said its normal to take up to a year to conceive. Normal couples with no infertility issues normal have a 25% chance to conceive each month. So eventually in a year it may happen. My doc wouldn't even do anything with me until we tried for a year. Its been 2yrs of TTCing and I'm on Clomid and Metformin but I'm still positive. Keep your chin dust to all


Nita - August 29

Hi Jellybabe! My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for over 8 months now(boy, time is flying by!). MY OB-GYN ran blood tests twice to confirm that I have high prolactin (34). And she has put me on DOSTINEX. Have started it last wednesday. Hoping this drug will help us! Good luck to all of us!


M'Rita - August 30

Hi Jellybabe! Don't worry about it too much as stress can also be a factor. I am 24 and this will be our second cycle ttc baby # 1. We are also getting quite frustrated to tell you the truth. I've been on BC for almost a year. Have you been using any BC before ttc? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and let's hope that your September af will not show up!
Baby Dust!!!


r - August 30

its alot harder to conceive now then iut was years ago, peoples bodys are changing and diets are changing, i have been ttc since last june i was on depo for 6 months fella only has 1 testicle so im not sure if his sperm count is low but im losing hope.


Jellybabe - August 30

No, i haven't been on bc before. But I'll hold my fingers crossed. Thanx.Baby dust to ALL!!



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