It's really starting to hurt now :-(
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Sarah j - December 7

I had an abortion a few years ago, and now i'm thinking it mght have effected my chances of becomming pregnant as well? Does anyone know any statistics on this? I was also attacked, and caught something of him, and i had to have treatment for it, I'm so worried in case it has totally wrecked all my chances?


Sarah - December 7

Please, can someone answer me? I feel like i'm going to burst into tears soon! I totally regret what i did, from the moment i came round after having the abortion, please don't judge me just because i did this, i was only young, and very nieve! I would really love for someone to reply!


katrin - December 7

Sarah, nobody is here to judge you , i can imagine how sad you can be right now , i was 10 when my mother got PG and she wanted to do abortion but she couldnt cus she was too far and when she gave birth my lil brother died after 40 days cus he was very ill ! so every body thought if she didnt want to do abortion god wouldnt get mad at her and take a baby a way! but after few years she got PG again and i guess some how she learned that she have to take care of what God gives her! I heard having abortion bring down chance of getting PG but dont worry you will have your baby when is your time and if i was you i would make Appt with my DR and get some advice ! good luck to you


sherry - December 7

my friend, well not a friend anymore, cause she went too far with abortions, had 5 abortions! yes that is correct, and she had an STD as well, and kept getting pregnant. after she was using this as a form of birth control, i could no longer be friends with her, as she sickened me. everyone is entitled to one mistake, so not beat yourself up inside. iam just using my ex friend as an example, that most times an abortion and/ or std, won't affect your chances of conception in the future, however there is always a remote possiblity, so if you have fears, you can just go to your dr. and they can check you out, for any damage, but iam sure you are fine!! it's probobly just timing, and stuff like most of the rest of us. it'll happen. how long have you been trying? sherry


Mega - December 7

Hi Sarah. I'm so sorry about all you've been through. I echo what Sherry said though. Many, many people get abortions & go on to have healthy babies. I think the days of botched abortions are gone, like most medical procedures it's been vastly approved. I also agree with Sherry in that you should see a dr to put your mind at ease. Maybe get a HSG test, make sure your tubes are clear. Also, I hope you stop beating yourself up for having an abortion, I'm sure you only did what you felt like you had to in that situation. Hang in there! You're a strong woman who has been through a lot.


Sarah - December 7

Thank you for your comments, and i think 5 abortions is discusting, and personally, i think she couldn't of had a heart.....after mine....well, I've felt empty for 4 years. We've only been trying for 3 months, which i suppose isn't that long, but I'm just so long have you ladies been trying?


Mega - December 7

When you want a baby so bad, waiting any amount of time is tough, I know. But really, without any problems what so ever on both sides it can take a healthy couple up to a year. Each month there's a 20% chance of sperm meeting egg. I hate the waiting game too, but it's worth it in the end. Hang in there. I've been TTC #1 for 15 mos. now. But my DH & I are in that lucky % where we both have issues. I have PCOS, he has morphology issues. Maybe wait another few months & check into getting your partner's sperm tested. It's a simple, cheap test & male issues are among the easiest to test.


lori - December 7

I have never had a abortion but when i was 17 i got pregnant and wanted to have one before i had the chance to do that i had a miscarriage i always believed i had a miscarriage because of that reason.I want a baby so bad and i wonder if i am having to suffer no with not having a baby because if this.Now that i think about that i was just to young to be having sex if i was going to make a decison like that.


twinsmommie - December 8

I had an abortion when I was 20. I was still in college and the father was a one night stand. I also had genital warts when I was 17 and they were burned off. I got married when I was 23 and we started ttc 9 months prior to the wedding. I was on clomid by the honeymoon and we were going to have a honeymoon baby. But it took 3 years and $19,000.00 worth of fertility drugs and iui to get pg. I blamed myself for being infertile and still say that it was God's way of punishing me for the abortion. I learned the true blessing that being able to get pg actually is. However, God forgave me because I had twins in 1997. There was an extra baby in there for the one I had killed years b4. Since the birth of my twins I have tried 7 unsuccessfull cycles of injectable meds and iui, and finally got pg again back in March of 2005. I miscarried. So, the punishments keep coming. Sometimes we have to deal with the bad decisions we make in our early immature years for all of our lives.


Sarah - December 9

Thats exactly what happened with me! I think I'm going to have to go to the doctors, when i did get pregnant, i was on bc, so i had a feeling something was up, thank you all



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