It's gonna be a long couple of weeks..wanna join?
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Dianna - February 15

GM all How are you DD? I am waiting with you until your appt in March.So I will pass the time with you. I saw your message on the other thread Sasha I thought you knew you were talking to me LOL, LMAO. Ever since I heard about DD news there was no way I was leaving her by her self we have to stick together. I called out from work yesterday. This is my last day then I go on Vacation I am going to need to relax my boobs they are hurting me so much.You all take care and have a good day. Check with you later DD


SashaP - February 15

Dianna it was pretty amusing when I realized I was talking to you on 2 threads. I kept saying I was going to go find and could never remember which 1 you were on, funny how I always found you the first time. I swear I'm not always that numb. I'm glad your bbs hurt very good sign. How are you doing DD?


DD - February 15

hi ladies...Thanks for waiting with me. Hopefully time will pass quickly for me. DH and I ate ourselves sick last night, but we had fun. I felt bad bc the sex wasn't fun (tmi) bc I kept thinking about how there was nothing we could do right now to get pregnant. He understood though. If there is another thread you're on I can move too, if you just tell me the name? I don't mind. I really hope you get BPF this month!!! it'll give me some hope!


SashaP - February 15

DD we're both on the waiting for feb 24th one. I also have one which is Anybody on femara which your welcome to visit me on, there is a few good success stories over there. There are alot of great women on these threads they're such a good support group. How are you today?



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