It's gonna be a long couple of weeks..wanna join?
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DD - February 4

Thanks...Do you ever get bad headaches around ovulation??? My head is killing me and I never usually get headaches. I'm wondering if that is the reason?


SashaP - February 4

I get headaches too also get them with af so I think it's anything hormonal for me.


DD - February 4

yeah, it hasn't gone away yet, but it's not as bad as it was earlier. NOTHING will interfere with my BD-ing!!


SashaP - February 5

DD I feel the same way. I don't care how tired I am or if I get sick it's going to happen.


DD - February 6

Well, I'm still feeling little twinges in my sides. I took an OPK yesterday and it was very negative, so I'm guessing I did in fact ovulate on Saturday. I'm hoping. I just don't know what these little twinges are? I've had them before. They don't really hurt or anything though. We will continue to bd though. I have a blood test on Saturday morning to verify ovulation did occur. Has anyone had this test before?? That would be exactly 7dpo if I did in fact ovulate. I hope I did. How are you doing SashaP?


SashaP - February 6

I'm good DD I got a slightly + OPK last night I will keep testing till I get a good one. My temp dropped and I'm getting cramps on my left side so hopefully I'll O in the next day or so. I have to do the blood test too this month. Let me know how it goes. Are you doing good other wise?


DD - February 6

Yes, I'm good. I feel soooo much better today. I'm just anxious. I am getting my hopes up, dreaming of a bfp, which I know I shouldn't do. DH is getting home late every night this week so I'm crabby about that, but otherwise good. I hope you get the + opk!! I wish time could go by a little faster now. This wait may kill me.


SashaP - February 7

Tell me about it I've never had months go by as slow as they have been. I feel like I'm constantly waiting. I guess it becomes that when trying to get pg becomes a science project.


Dianna - February 7

Hey Every one I haven't post in over a week I been trying to pass the time but yet it still seem so far away. I still have 3-4 days to my O and I try not to think about it. I am getting a OPK today I don't know if that will make it easier or not. I have read that so many people have these symptoms from the clomid like cramps headache the only thing that bothered me was my boobs The are sore on the side where my arms are and they are heavy. I hope and pray that we all get to conceive. Baby dust to each of you take care


Elyse - February 7

Hi everyone - I forgot about this post. I had a follie check today - on the R- 11 and 12, on the L - 16, 17, 17 and 21, lining is 8.8. Tirgger tonight, then IUI tomorrow and Thurs. This cycle is dragging!


DD - February 8

Oh, I'm glad you will O soon Dianna..and good luck with the IUI Elyse. Is this your first time with the IUI?? I hope you get a bpf this try. I am worried about this cycle working at all. I had virtually no cm around my O time, We used the preseed but I'm still not optimistic. I'll have to ask the doc on Saturday what she thinks. I'm exhausted today, I was like falling asleep at work. I thought working out would wake me up but I'm drained. It'll be an early night tonight for me! Have any of you all been pregnant before?? I'm wondering when I should start testing. I'll be 10dpo on Valentines Day (that is if I O'd when I think I did). That'd be a nice gift if it was +....I should probably just wait though. I'm impatient.


SashaP - February 8

I know DD it's hard not to pee on the stick. You can't help but want to do it after you wait all month. How are you feeling?


DD - February 8

Well last night I fell asleep at 8pm!!! DH had to drag me upstairs to go to bed. I slept great thru the night and today I feel the same again...SOOOOOOOOOOO tired. I'm wondering if it's progesterone. Doesn't the body produce more progesterone after O? I get like this when I have to take prometrium to induce AF. So I'm wondering if that's why I feel so tired. How are you doing SashaP?? Did you O?


SashaP - February 8

Hi DD I'm using 2 types of OPK's 1 I'm getting a strong + the other 1 is a weak + so hopefully I will soon I'm on cd 10. My temp dropped big time for the 2nd time so we'll see. How are you feeling aside from being tired?


DD - February 8

I feel good. No "symptoms" that I can notice. But it's only 4 dpo....I just want it to be the end of next week!! I wish you could know earlier!!!


SashaP - February 8

I know how you feel DD I couldn't get dh to bd last night he refused he says he feels like a piece of meat and that it is turning into a science project. He better tonight or I will knock him out and drag him upstairs. Considering I'm so close to O'ing he knows better. Keep me posted.



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