It isn't Fair!!!
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kdawn - August 25

I need to vent, ladies. I've been ttc for 6 months now on 1st child, and my sister was only kind of starting to try last month and got pg on her first attempt! Now I don't even know if I want to get pregnant right now, because I'm afraid my sister will turn our pregnancies into a competition along with the entire lives of the children. She is one year older than me and was like this our entire lives. Her always having to one up me. Does anyone else feel this way??? Why does everyone else seem to be getting pregnant and not me?


u r not alone - August 25

i have been ttc for 18months and in that time 6 people have gotten pregnant only 1 of which was seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant around me and all i want is to join to group.i cant even go around them anymore because i just start to cry.. there r other posts on here that talk about the same thing it might make u feel better to know that their r people who feel the same way..Hopefully soon u get a BFP!! Goodluck


sounds familiar - August 25

Hi, my sister-in-law is due with her first baby next month and is 5 years older than me and everything is a competition with her. She loves attention and ensured to tell me that she was glad she waited till she was in her 30's to get pregnant as I am only 27. Lone behold she only met her husband when she was 29.....gee I don't think it was a matter of waiting till you were 30, she just didn't find the right man till then. I don't think she is very happy that we are planning to try right away as she fears we would have the first girl i am sure. your sister isn't out of the woods yet, i hope all goes well but she shouldn't get overly excited. baby dust for you!


annette - August 25

hi all, looks like a lot of us are in the very same boat.. my cousin got pregnant the very first try, but she said that was an 'accident'.. and here i am, ttc for 25 months, and no the past 1 year, 7 of my good friends have gotten pregnant and some have even had their babies...! its really frustrating, but thanx to teh wonderful ladies in these forums who would keep us going...good luck!


Lena - August 25

It took me 40 month to conceive, and in that time my friends had not only one but two babies. Quite honestly, if you are worried about competing with your sister, then you should wait a few years to have child. You'll never stop comparing your two children as they grow and develop.


just a note to help - August 25

hi everyone,well it never ceases to amaze me how spiteful some people ca be .in all honesty i think the majority of people usually say "we werent even trying" and in alot of the cases it's true.but when you know that someone always tries to "one up" you.i'd bet money they were trying and kept it secret.because it hurts a whole lot more to the other person when they are told "we werent even trying".don't fall for that crap.yeah she may have gotton lucky sooner but honey your baby will be the most precious person in the world to you.don't ever for one second think she could compete with that.because the fact that your baby is yours will always far as postponing having a child because she is,that's insane live your life to the fullest to hell what her or anyone else thinks .you do what makes you happy.have you tried to track your fertility?maybe some ovulation test strips might help you alot.i wish you the best of luck.i know my sister always tried to one up me,it killed her when i didn't care what she did or said.they love the attention.don't give her none.good luck all ttc...


kdawn - August 25

Thanks everyone for the support! I know that it will happen when it's supposed to, but that doesn't mean I still can't bitch about it, right??:) Well the good thing is we will probably move to Europe in the next 2-3 years (my husband is from there) and I won't be near my sister for too long to compete with:). I will keep trying, and if she does try to turn it into a competition I will try to just ignore her. I haven't been tracking my fertility. I'm not trying that hard, although I may have to start.:) I was just leisurely trying before, but I might have to kick it up a notch. Baby dust to all...



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