Isa, I read the book "The Infertility Cure"
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Sann - July 26

Hi Isa : ) Sorry ... I've got a loging in problem... I can't post on your thread. I read the book. I've been on TCM since Jan 2005. I got pg after 5 months of treatment unfortunately had a m/c(at almost 10weeks) Nevertheless ... I did get pg. Have you read the book yet? Are you think of TCM for fertitlity too? I was browsing and I found your post. You're welcome to join us on our thread on the "Helping Conception" board : )


isa - July 26

Hey Sann thanks for the info. I have not heard/thought about it until yesterday but it is something I am going to look into. Unfortunately I may also have some genetic problems making it harder or impossible to get pg and I have to have some testings done before we try ivf but i thought i might look into getting it to see if it might be an answer to helping me out. sorry for the m/c I cant even imagine that but I am in the over 50% miscarriage rate (if I can concieve) due to my genetic problems. I looked for your helping conception thread but cannot find it. How do i locate it or what is the link



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