is zero % morphology good or bad?
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newby - August 30

Can someone help me? I'm trying to read up on the net but very confused. is 0% morphology really good or really bad?


hi - August 30

it's really bad


newby - August 31

what does it mean in terms of sperm then? What exactly is morphology?


newby - August 31

also how will this affect our abilities to concieve either naturally or iui, ivf does anyone know. Now i'm really concerned.


To newby - August 31

Hi, your ability to conceive is decreased with a 0% morphology. It means that all of his sperm has an abnormal shape and size which makes it harder to fertilize the egg. I read somewhere that a normal sample should have at least 15% of normal forms. I don't really know how this is corrected or if it can be. Good luck to you newby.


newby - August 31

wow and when i first read it i thought it meant zero were abnormal. Would iui or ivf help us concieve.I cant figure out why the doc wouldnt have even mentioned this to us.


Lena - August 31

0% morphology means that none of the sperm are conformed properly. The sperm may be in parts or may have deformaties such as two heads or two tails. Your next step is to speak with a urologist to determine why the sperm aren't conformed properly. I've never seen 0% morphology. Your urologist may question the collection method or process method. I've seen plenty of student mess up morphology counts simply by sucking to much air into the pipette. Best wishes!


Justine - August 31

My husband had 3% morphology (and low count and low motility) - 15% was classed as normal in the test we did. I had to do IVF with ICSI to get pregnant - same as IVF but sperm are injected into eggs. Fortunately, it worked on our first attempt and I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. I think my clinic said they only need about 100 or so normal sperm to do this so IVF with ICSI maybe an option (though I'm not certain on that number). I'd go back to your doctor and check it really is 0% morphology and get the figures for the count and motility too and ask what is normal for the tests you took. It maybe worth getting your doctor to retest too just to make sure the results are right. You then will need to see a fertility specialist and they will advise you on what is possible.


newby - August 31

FANTASTIC NEWS - It says zero morphology cause they didnt test and any thing not tested was defaulted to zero by the system. Whoa what a wicked 24 hours i just had. Thanx to all of you that answered so honestly and quickly. The clinic said it was a new system and they didnt know that had happened and are looking to change it after what it ended up putting us throught. phew


To newby - August 31

That's great news newby..what a relief to you..


Anna - August 31

newby, I've read that a semen analysis should always be done atleast twice, because there are so many things that can affect it. You may want to ask your md about having another test done. Good luck!


newby - September 1

Anna thanx, i got a requisite resterday for another sperm analysis and this time they ARE going to do the morphology. i too just read that the recommend 2-3 tests to get an average of the mans 'normalcy'.


andri - September 1

Sperm motility = 50% or more/ Forward progression= greater than 2 on a scale of 4.
Sperm viability = 50% or more.
Sperm morphology = 25% or more


Lena - September 1

Newby, I'm glad to hear 0% was because they didn't test the value. (They really need to use "n/a" or something.) I've been doing this for 20 yrs and have never seen 0% so I really questioned the labs test quality.



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