is weight a issue?
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jennifer - September 28

hi everyone, i was wondering if being overweight can cause infertility. i have been ttc for about 2 years and i am 30 pounds overweight. i have been trying to lose weight for a while and so far i have only lost about 5 pounds. i was wondering if anyone had a weight problem, lost the weight and then conceived. any comments will be really helpful. thank you in advance.


San - September 28

Hi Jennifer, yes being overweight can cause you to have probs. I was a couple of stones over myself and i just started to exercise and swim. I also found a website that helped me concieve and its good for advice on weight. It took me 3mths to get pregnant even though i was still over weight by a couple of stones. Its Have a look,its free and helped me loads. Good luck San.x



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