Is this supposed to happen with CM?
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Helayna - September 5

I think Im pregnant (test in 5 days) but I noticed my cm was really thick and lotiony, and abundant, but the last 2 days, it is less abundant, more clear, but still thick.... Is this normal? I still have all other symptoms...


jessica - September 8

Are you sure your not ovulating late, that happened to me last month


question - September 8

Is the CM when you are ovulating clear of white??? Just wondering what to look for to determine ovulation.


Helayna - September 9

I know I ovulated already. I guess I should say this cm is more opaque. And iIt isn't strechy. It is thick and lotiony...And it is like some days it is less and opaque, and others it is more and whitish- yellow. I can test on saturday, (14 dpo) So I guess I am really just analyzing every little thing! :) Thanks for answering though! *baby wishes* to all!! Helayna



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