is this ovulation?
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HotRodGurl - October 6

Ok, I put a couple posts on here all pretty much about the same cramping. My last post was called, 'dr.has no idea' or something like that. So if you want to read it you can to get caught up with what I'm about to talk about. Ok, as you know I've been cramping for over a week now and it's to the point it hurts to stand straight and walk around some. When I'm sitting I can still feel it but it's really not completely bothersome like painful as it is while standing and walking around. Dr. said all he could think that's causing it is me long does ovulation last? I've had this pain over a week...?!?!?! I said in my last question it's now just my left pelvic area almost on my genital area....I just want it to stop...I'm not sure what it could be and I'm tempted to go to the ER and get a second opinion. My af I believe isn't supossed to be here until the 14th of this month. So, it's too early to get a pg test. Any suggestions on this would be greatful. thanks!


K - October 6

Sounds like it could be a cyst or something else. Ovulation def. would not last that long! What kind of dr is this?


Michelle - October 6

I have had similar cramping for a few days prior to O and now still a week + later. They don't sound as bad as yours though; just bad enough to want tylenol. I finally called my RE yesterday and they said that it is most likely a cyst but not to worry about it at this point.
P.S. I was on clomid this month making cysts more likely. Hope this helps.


Mega - October 6

Yeah, I'd get a second opionion. If it's not that bad of pain, more nagging, maybe a Urgent Care center might be a little cheaper. But if sounds like a cyst to me. Feel better!


Karen - October 7

Not to scare you but I had TERRIBLE pain that seemed to go from the left than to the right of my abdomen and it turned out to be PID. Have you been tested for chlamydia? Thats what I had. Go to another doc! Good luck!


HotRodGurl - October 7

Hello, everyone thanks so much for responding...alright..I ended up going to the ER at 3 in the morning on Thursday(I live right across the street from one so very convienant). First, I sat in the damn waiting room for like 5 to 7 hours and they weren't busy at all...there was only 2 people there incl. me. Finally when I got back there they asked me the same damn questions as if they can't read my charts...when I answered them the first time. They I changed into a gown...i hate them! then the actual dr. saw me..I like her but, she takes too long. She told me I had to get a cathater...I'm like your kidding...are you serious?!?! I heard so many bad stories on them and I've never had one...but, she was another nurse came and started the process...OH MY GOD!!! IT HURTS SO BAD!! I made her stop in the middle of it cause I couldn't can you!!??!? So, anyways...after the was over..apparently I had to pee Then the guy came in gave me an IV not the kind with the bag with "water" in it. just the line. he couldn't find a big enough vein apprently I have tiny veins so he had no choice but to start it on my upper collarbone right side area. but he was cute though (husband wasn't there he wants to sleep he thought I'd be ok by myself...I'm still pissed at him cause he didn't go with me). So, far I have an cath. and a IV in they brought this iranian chick in and she's crazy...seriously...I didn't trust her really but, she came and got some blood out of my right wrist. Then I laid there for like an hour and half until about 12pm and then they decided to bring me a wheel chair and took me to the ultrasound room which wasn't too bad...but, only to find out I didn't need to cath. in fact the dr. put the cath. in because she wanted my bladder emptied so they can see my uterus well, ultrasound people said they wanted my bladder full so, they can see it and look through it like a window. So, they cut my cather. off and funneled some sterile water back into my bladder only to find out it was hurting me like hell...I told them I can't take it anymore I felt like I had to piss all over them and they said I needed more water but, they'll stop if it's hurting me that bad. So, they looked and didn't say anything of course. After that was over they drained felt a lot better to drain..really. When that was over then the took the cath. out FINALLY!!! Then they did a transvaginal on me which was nothing when they looked at my right ovary but, when they looked at my left as soon as they pushed it hurt so bad...But they didn't see anything though...I asked to look and the girl was like see this is your right..and I saw a bag black circle...supossedly that was my ovary then she said this is your uterus and then here's my left ovary and I didn't see anything on my left side..not even a black circle. But, supossedly after about an hour almost 2 hours the doctor came and said that they saw a cyst on my left ovary too. So, according to them I have a cyst on my left and my right...but, I'm still doubting...but, I came home not having hardly any answers on my pain..and was told to take pain killers and I should be ok. and follow up with my ob. SO, I did just so. I go back to the ob on the 25th mean while I'm taking 500mg. of metformin and a naprosyn. The dr. at the hospital said she thinks I'm just ovulating...I'm like ok whatever. On the way out of the hospital I ran into an old high school friend who I found out has a 6 or 7 year old little girl and is 6 weeks pregnant. I was like, That's just great. (sarcastically). So, now I'm home surviving and now my nipples are so sore to touch is that normal too? I'm assuming it is. The dr. did test me for PID and gonorreah and chylamidia and everything but hasn't gotten the results yet not until another week or two so, I have to wait. I'm going to our state fair on sunday afternoon I hope I'm feeling better by then...I guess I should rest and take some meds. and take it easy for the next day or two. ok, I think that was all...I hope you guys are doing well too...and good luck with everything...thanks for dust to all.



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