Is this normal?
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Brittany_1987 - January 4

I found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant, but here lately I have been having really bad cramps like I am fixing to start my period. It's scaring me pretty bad and I was wanting to know if it is normal or should I go to the doc. ASAP?


Ann - January 4

Brittany, I've heard people say that they have experienced cramping during early pregnancy. I have also heard that it is normal unless you are also bleeding. HOWEVER, if I were you, I would call my dr asap and ask for his/her opinion and to see if you need to go to the dr.


me - January 4

I found out I was pregnant the day AF was due. I cramped like AF was coming for the week after i found out. This is normal as long as there is no spotting or bleeding. It is the little guy burrowing further into your womb. It feels like af is coming but it never comes! I wigged out too when I first found out. I also got abdominal cramps on one side like I did too many situps. As long as there is no bleedingl you are fine. Congrats!


canadagirl - January 4

Congrats's ok to have the cramps...but like the other ladies said so longs there is no bleeding..if you are still worried call your doctor. This happen to me with my first baby..have a safe and healthy nine months



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