Is this happening to any one else
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hopeful2411 - April 17

I am 28 years old and trying to concieve for a little over 2 years. I started IVF in Jan. Due to a cyst and abnormally high estrogen on cd2 (e2 660) cycle was cancelled. It was suggested that i have a laparoscopy and I did then waited for AF to come to start again. I took the 3 weeks of BC and Lupron for 2 weeks. I had my CD2 BW and US yesterday and I am cyst free, but my estrogen level was 111. They cannot explain why it is so high. Before IVF even through IUI's my numbers were perfectly normal. I need some insight if this one gets cancelled I just don't see myself doing it all over again for the 3rd time and no one knows why.


linds99 - April 17

Do you have PCOS? Sometimes having this syndrom causes elevated estrogen levels. Also, Have you had your CBC (complete blood count) with platelets and differential tested? I would recommend this, especially if the number is not going down. It will also give you a piece of mind. This is a series of tests of the peripheral blood which provides a variety of information about the blood components, including red blood cell count, Hemoglobin, Red blood cells, concentration, Red blood cell distribution, White blood cell count, and Platelet count (there are others can't remember what they are.) Going through IVF myself in the past, I know they have had this done for me to make sure everything was alright.


hopeful2411 - April 17

As far as I know all tests have been done on me. Before i started with fertility treatments I had a normal period no problems or pain. The main reason we started ivf was for Male factor. Now i seem to be the problem. I go back in on Thurssday to recheck. If it is low i can start if it is not i will be cancelled for the second time with no answers. thank you for your input


hopeful2411 - April 19

Went today for more bloodwork and my estrogen is still high (114). They told me that i can start my stim meds tonight. Does it sound normal that i am starting with such a high estrogen level or is this just the way my body is?



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