Is this a pregnancy symptom
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ijeoma - October 13

I noticed an increased virginal discharge and am on day 21 my cycle is 28 days. Unlike previous cycles no tender or painful breast and very little cramping.could i be pregnant?


kerry - October 13

Hi there....sorry got no answer for you but I am having the same......I am on day 23 of a normally 26/27 day cycle........only had one day of cramping which was yesterday but I was very stressed and upset so think that may have caused that.........I have had a few days of breast pain but has eased off a bit but got blue veins on them............I am sure I have heard that you can get a discharge because its something to do with a plug being formed to protect your insides?? May be wrong but I am sure thats what I have seen on a site before SO fingers crosed it is a good sign for us!!


marie - October 13



K - October 13

I have had cm before af before. So I don't think by itself it's a good sign.


Kristen - October 13

Increased cm is a symtom of pregnancy...but it could also means a lot of other things. Good luck!



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