Is this a new cycle?
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LN030905 - March 1

Last Tuesday ( Feb 20th) I started having watery, brown cm..didnt fill a panty liner. It lasted about two hrs. Two days later, I had what looked like the start of my lasted for about 5 hrs. It was pink and was more than just cm. It stopped by that, should I count that as cd 1? I went to the Dr yesterday and the pregnancy test was negative and everything looked normal. Im really wanted to start charting, but havent bc I thouht I needed to wait until the new cycle. I forgot to ask the Dr what she thought this bleeding was..what would you girls do?


tanner789 - March 1

i would call ur drs office back and ask if they believe that was the start of ur period or not, do u see a reg ob or specialist? and idd they do urine test or blood? i also had the same thing on sat, and i would in my opionion not treat that as my period, i read it could be implantation bleeding, late ovulation, or pre period spotting, its all so hard to tell. what cd were u on when u had that spotting? let me know as im curious since i had the same thing


LN030905 - March 1

Hey Tanner! Thanks for the reply! I was on cd 85, I believe, when the brown, that put me on cd 87 when the pink came. I dont think it was ovulatin in my case, because I did use an opk's and it was negative. I dont really feel like it was my af bc I didnt really have the cramps that I get associated to af's arrival. Im going to see if the Dr is in today when I call for my reg check up lab results and ask her what she thinks. The dr I saw was a gyno. The preg test was urine, too.. I think that Im ging to not count it as cd 1. Which makes me on cd 94! Longest ever! I hve really long cycles anyways. Im not too worried about it now though, because I have been tot he Dr and she said nothing was wrong from what she could tell and from what my pap and labs have said..she didnt feel any cycts on my ovaries, but she is going to schedule me an ultrasound to make sure. I have gained alot of weight these past few yrs so she thinks that is just the culprit behind it all. What cd are u on?



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