Is there such a thing as trying too hard?
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matzgrl - October 10

Hey Ladies! I've heard that it's best to try to conceive every other day before, during, and after ovulation. Assuming that dh does NOT have low sperm count, could it be even better to try everyday around that time...or twice a day if we can find the energy?!


JerseyGirl - October 10

From what I've learned, you should BD every other day. You should start aabout 5 or so days before you "O," then BD on the day of "O" and the day after, just to be sure. Every other day gives your DH's sperm the chance to build up again. If you do it every day (or worse yet, twice a day), the sperm count is less. Therefore, a less of a chance of you getting PG. Good luck!


annahoban7 - October 10

I am with Jersey Girl, that it what my doctor told us as well. :)



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