Is there still hope???
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babybear - December 19

I had an iui done on december 4th and i started on sat the 16th and ended on monday the 18 wow that really was the shortest cycle i have ever had i usually have a 6 to 7 day cycle. So what do you all think is there still hope for me?


Tink - December 19

i am what was the first day of your cycle? your IUI was probably done around cycle day 11-14? so if you have hte IUI on 12/4, then AF came on 12/16, then AF was just a slight bit early-----usually AF will arrive 14 days after your IUI (if you aren't pregnant). Yours just came about 12 days after instead. Were you on meds? Sometimes clomid or injectables can make your period come early/later and make it lighter or heavier than it normally was. the meds definitely do affect your system and cycle. that could be the reason. I have had shorter cycles since on meds the last 8 months. the last few months my cycles are 25-26 days long (like yours was this month probably) and my period has always been short, lasting only 2-3 days max. was it heavy bleeding like normal? If so, it was probably a period, if it was light spotting, then maybe it is something else. If you aren't sure, do a HPT, today would probably be about 14DPO, so it would be a good time to test if you weren't sure that that was your period.


babybear - December 19

i have been on clomid for the last 8 months and my cycles have been normal like way normal iui i was don on day 17 i think this was my 2iui after i had the iui i have major cramping for 2 days then it was fine. i am so confussed


slowpoke01 - December 20

babybear-if your cycle was early and it was just like spotting and not anything heavy it could have been implantation bleeding. i have heard of it happening to girls and they get upset thinking that they got their period only to test a few days later and get a + hpt. it could have been the meds though like tink said. i would give it a few days maybe even a week and test just to be sure.


babybear - December 21

ok thanks



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