is there something wrong with me?
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wondering - November 24

i just have a question, i have had some signs of pregnancy this last month, bu then again i dont know if this is really what it is or not? all i know is that i am going to the bathroom more freq, sleepy alot, periods irr-regular,brests tender,stomach kinda hard and swollen, im always feeling like im bloated? if anyone has any advice, that u can give me. please give. thank you for your time!


babygirl - November 26

Are you late?Take a test


wondering - November 26

yes, im late, almost over a month late, but ive taken a home pregancy test and it showed up neg...? so i dont know if its just my nerves or what it is, but ill wait a bit longer and then go get a blood test!!!


D - November 26

If I was you I'd consider going to the doc as soon as you can. Even if they rule out pregnancy (which they would probably do a blood test for) there may be something medically wrong with you. I'd go as soon as you can just to make sure nothing serious is going on.


wondering - November 26

thanks d..i appreciate you posting your opinion about whats going on with me. i dont know what it is i just keep thinking its my nerves, and that i couldnt be pregant!!! but thanks for everything!!



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