Is there hope for me?
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Suzan - June 24

I don't know if anyone else here is or has been in my situation, but here it is, I have been with my finace for 7 years now, we don't use protection at all, I have never even had the slight indication that I was ever pregnant. I was also in another long realtionship before this one which was also 7 years and we too did not ever use protection. I was on progesterone for 2 years now and now I am on clomid for my first cycle. I cannot imagine my life with out children I don't know if it's even possible for me to have children. My doctor tells me "if you want to get pregnant I will definatly get you pregnant" so I feel very positive it will work but then again I look at my history and nothing. I have been irregular my whole mense life. does anyone have a happy story to share with me?


sm - June 25

Irregular periods make it harder to fall pregnant. Seeing it has been such a long time you have been trying, it would be worth looking into regulating your cycles. If you do a search on the net with something like "cycles, moon, regulating, menstruation, light" you should find a link to the method where you sleep in a dark room at night (go to bed by 10pm), dark being you cant see your hand if you hold it up. for the first half of cycle and then have a low wattage light on in your room for 3-5 days (corresponding with the full moon) then back to dark. Women used to menstruate to the moons cycle before electric light, ovulation on the full of the moon, menstruation on the dark of the moon, hence the 28day 'normal' cycle. It would be well worth trying. Good luck.


Drew - June 25

I dont have an overly happy story just yet (hopefully in a couple of weeks lol), but I have been ttc for almost 5 years and found I have polycistic ovarian syndrome with insulin resistance. On May 5 I started Metformin/Glucophage, and Clomid. Well obviously I didn't get pregnant that month, but I did have a period in 33 days as opposed to up to 90 days. I'm hoping that this is my month. If they can find out why your not ovulating properly, then there is a good chance they can fix it. DONT GIVE UP HOPE!!! It will happen for you!! :)
~~~Baby Dust~~~


amy - June 25

i took ovulex and lots of vitamins, and within 4 months with 2 chemical pregnancies, and 1 pregnancy right now, it all worked out...i even have scarring in my tubes, and PCOS!...its a dust to you!


margo - June 25

I got pregnant after two weeks on Metmorfin! It is a drug they give women with PCOS (who don't ovulate regularly) as well as people with type 2 diabetes. I don't have type 2 diabetes but since I have PCOS they wanted to give it a try. I had only had 3 periods in 15 years (on my own without the help of the birth control) and was amazed at how quickly I got pregnant. You might want to look into whether you have PCOS or not.



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