Is there anyway?
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Amy - June 29

Hello. Is there anyway that I could check my cervix at 11-12 dpo to tell if I am pregnant or not? How does your cervix feel during early pregnancy? Also, what does the cm look like in early pregnancy? Can you get it at 11-12 dpo or is it later than that? The last question I have is, can you get implantation cramps without the implantation bleeding?


kc - June 29

I'm not sure about the cervix. I would like to know myself. You can have cramping from implantation without spotting. Good luck to you. It sounds real hopeful you may be pg. I'll cross my fingers for you.


Amy - June 30

Thank you kc. Well, I have not had any cramping now since yesterday. I am not sure how long the cramping was for though. several days or something. but, my husband mentioned today that for the past two weeks i have been in a really crabby mood. I have not noticed that i have been. honestly. Also, I can not stay cool. I am burning up and started feeling sick to my stomach a couple times. tonight, i got to wanting a hostess chocolate cupcake. the craving was so bad that i was getting chills. i could not sit still. my nipples seem a little sensative. Not really hurting though. i started feeling lightheaded and dizzy yesterday or the day before. can not remember which one though. also felt lightheaded and dizzy today too. I have only 2 more days before I will test. I am due to start on or around the 1st of july. I am 12 dpo right now. friday, which i will be 14 dpo, would not be too soon would it?


Lena - June 30

You can't check your cervix yourself at 11-12 dpo for several reasons:

(1) At 11-12 dpo, you are only 9-11 dpc. Implantation may or may not have occured. At this point your body has no idea that its pregnant as hCG is absent or minimal.

(2)Cervical mucous doesn't begin forming until 21 dpc

(3) You don't know exactly what you are looking at. For example the anestrus cervix is also closed. The cervics appearance and color are good indicators of where a woman is in her cycle. Unfortunately its hard to distinguish a red cervix from a pale cervix if you aren't experienced.

(4) To perform, a sterile speculum is required. A dirty speculum, improper insertion, or improper use of the speculum could lead to serious fertility problems.

It is very possible to have implantation cramps without bleeding.

Did you use any fertility drugs this cycle? When drugs are used to stimulate follicular growth, our ovaries produce addtional follicles. These follicles produce eggs and then turn into CLs. The CLs then produce progesterone until the conceptus takes over. With more than one CL, your progesterone levels may be higher than normal. Progesterone can cause dizziness, moodiness, bloating, abdominal distress, sore bbs or nipples, etc.

Sorry for the brevity to all of this. Its so hard to type in a 1" by 2" box.

Best pregnancy wishes to you!


Amy to Lena - June 30

Well, according to what you have said, when would be the best time to test and get a correct result? I expect to start my af on or around the 1st of july. ( that is tomorrow for me.) I did take a test just a few minutes ago and it came up negative. So, I guess that being so close to starting af, the result was probably correct? I am so let down. I am trying so hard not to cry. I was really hoping that it would be positive. it would have been a wonderful birthday present. my birthday is the 1st. i guess that is why i got my hopes up. anyhow, i guess i have to just get over it. but i am still upset. :(


Amy to Lena - June 30

I forgot to mention that I did not take anything this cycle. I have never taken anything.


Lena - July 1

Amy, HPT are safe and reliable so please promise me that you'll only self test with a HPT and not check your cervix. Its still possible that you are pregnant even with a negative test 2 days pre AF. Each mfg test are effective at different levels of hCG. Some tests are accurate with only 15mlU, whereas others require 100mlU. If you have one of the 100mlU, it might be several days after AF is expected before you get a positive. I had IUI last Thursday and Friday and sooo hoped I would get pregnant. My birthday was 2 days ago and like you I thought it would be the best birthday present ever! Instead I had to move down the age vs fertility chart. I'm almost at that point that I think childlessness is my preordained destiny.



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