Is there anyone else that can take a test in 4 days
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Jessica - August 24

I have been ttc since May. I know it hasn't been THAT long but I thought I would get pregnant as soon as we starting trying. Last month when i got my period i was so upset. I am not due until September 1 but i can test on Sat. the 28th (4 days before your due test) There is a part of me that doesn't want to take the test because if it's negative i'll be devestated the entire weekend. I can't stand the emotional roller coaster every month.


Alycia - August 24

My AF is due Monday the 29th, and I'm going to test Sunday morning. I'm not having symptoms, though, so I'm not terribly optimistic. Are you having any?


Jessica - August 24

I'm not having any symptoms either. I'm pretty tired but other than that nothing


Alycia - August 24

Are you sure you want to test so early? It sucks enough to get a negative playing mind games with yourself about it maybe being too early to tell. Either way, please let me know how it goes. I'll do the same.


Amy - August 25

Hello, I was not due for my period until the 24th, which was yesterday. I tested last friday night and a very faint positive. I tested again saturday morning and the same. Then again on monday morning, a lil darker positive, and then tuesday night, the line was as dark as it's gonna get. I used the answer quick and simple early pregnancy test that has two tests and only cost like $7 at walmart. I think that even with an early test, you may be better off trying to wait until atleast 2 days before your af is due. I understand it is very hard waiting as i just gave in and tested friday night. lol. was gonna wait til saturday morning. lol. anyhow, i wish you both the best of luck! Keep me posted ok? By the way, this was hubby and mine 2 month ttc. I was very surprised that it did not take very long. I know we were trying and all but when i tested and the positive, it was very unexpected. lol. good luck ladies and LOADS OF BABY DUST YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alycia - August 25

Thanks, Amy, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll definitely post my results when I get them.



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