Is there anyone?
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Sus - June 30

its 19th day after my periods....n i feel not the raw egg whites but wetness at the external part of this ovalution or something else Please tell me... I HAVE POTED THIS QUESTION # DAYS AGO AND STILL NO ANSWER....................ANYONE TO HELP? OR NOT :(


amey - June 30

sus, usually during ovulation you become very dry down there. U usually ovulate about 11-14 days after ur period anyways. U can also buy an ovulation test to find out for sure. Good luck to you


kc - June 30

To find your ovulation date you count 14 days before your next cycle it to start. Most suggest bding everyother day starting on day 10 until you ovulate.


Lena - July 1

Sus, It can means something but it can also mean nothing. There is an increase of mucous at ovulation but increased hormonal levels, stress, age, health, frequent or infrequent ofintercourse can all change how much mucous your body secretes at anytime during your cycle.



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