Is there a way out.
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HAH - September 21

My husbands semens are just 35% active.Due to some reason we cant under go a treatment now.then how can i there any perticular time or a position or way to have sex that will help me to concieve.


Urma - September 21

You really should go talk to a OB/GYN about this so they can inform you about your options.


Reena - September 21

I don't think positions have anything to do with it. Go see a fertility specialist so they can help you explore your options.


lone_dove - September 23

hello HAH, just remember you only need one sprem, If you lay on your back with your husbane on top that may help a little bit or even get a pillow under your bum, So your bum is just in the air a little, the sperm will say in there longer. good luck


olivia - August 1

no better way than to see a specialists and have yourself's the only way that makes pregnancy possible at least for now.



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