is there a way from cd10 bloodwork to see if I ovulated?
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isa - October 23

I may be in the midst of ovulating and it's only cd 10 but was had my u/s and bloodwork done today (still waiting on b/w) is it possible for them to see if I ovulated or am about to or is that only possible 7 days after ovulation with your p4 progesterone test? Anyone?


cc - October 23

I'm not sure but I'll bump it for you


annette - October 24

usually docd ask you to come in for progesterone test 7 days after the ovulation day.


Julie - October 24

Hi Isa, I had Lh blood work done on Oct 5th and I should have been due for my af on 10/10. My doc said it was a perfect timing to test for LH. My result was .333, which meant I had not ovulated yet. I hope this helps. It is 10/24 and still no af, so I am just waiting. Dh and I have been ttc since June 2005.


CC - October 24

The u/s should be able to tell them where in the O process you are. CD 10 is early for me (I dont have my first u/s until CD 12 or 14) but the u/s shows a lot of info.. Good luck!


isa - October 24

Hi guys thanks for all your thoughts. I found out today I did not ovulate, i did possibly lose one or 2 follies though. My lh surge has started and i will go in tomorrow for another u/s, bw and probably trigger tomorrow with hcg. Last month I triggered on cd 11 this month it will be cd12. Julie i'm not sure what the numbers mean either but yesterday i was at 5 and today i'm at 11.



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