Is there a Breastfeeding and trying to conceive Forum
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trying for #3 - November 24

Hello all the reason why I am posting this here is because the secondary fertility board seems to be very slow, if any one knows of a board for peopel who are breastfeeding and having trouble conceiving please let me know and by the way this is not a slap in your face post I do have PCOS and tube problems it took me 8 years before I gave birth to my second child, I hope every one on here lots of success in trying to haev babies, just don't give your hopes up, If any one have read my story, I had a successful pregnancy last year with out using anything, meds etc. So if I can do it, you guys can, don't give up hope.


to ttc #3 - November 26

There is a sister site to this one for breastfeeding. You can't get to it from here but here is the directory address. I hope this helps.


trying for #3 - November 26

Thank you very much



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