is the clomid not working ?
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hayley - August 9

i started clomid in april and i had a period 3 weeks later for the first time in 3 months.i also got my period the follwing month but after that i was 6 weeks late the spotted then had a period for 3 days.then my last period came a week early and i bleed for 1-2 day but i have also notice i clot a lot as well any info would be great thanks


MelissaS - August 9

Hi Hayley, the only way you will know for sure if the clomid is working or not is if you chart. Using OPKs will also help. Did your doctor mention anything about charting? This should have been done from the beginning because if your dose of clomid is too low they can increase it. GL


KellyN - August 9

Hi! This is my first month on clomid. I know it is working because my dr gave me an ultrasound and we were able to see all the follicles that were produced (7 of them this round!). Has your dr been giving you u/s to see the follicles and measure them to make sure they will ovulate? -kelly


hayley - August 10

no i have not had nothing like u/s or blood test to see if i overlated i was charting my bbt charts but my dr told it was a waste of time they are not accerate so i stoped doing them that day.i go and see my main doctor my gyo fri so i hope he can help me


Sue Z 38 - August 10

Hayley - My doctor said if you spot on clomid that's not good. I was then put on injectables - Menopur and Gonal F.


KellyN - August 10

Hi Hayley! Does your dr specialize in fertility? I went to a regular dr and a regular gyno, and found out really quickly that I knew more than they did about fertility just from researching the internet. I called around and found a gyno that specializes in fertility. They found out first day that I have PCOS and need a lot more than just clomid, and need to be monitored with u/s and blood tests throughout my cycle. There is a lot to all of this, way beyond just clomid, so if you feel you are not getting all that you need you may want to ask for additional help or go to a fertility specilist. I'm so glad I did!! -kelly


Edy - August 11

KellyN, Hey! This is my 1st month on Clomid also. What did your OB do after he saw follicles? My RE put me on 100mg days 3-7 and I am on CD5. I am going for u/s and blood work on the 18th. The nurse said he may give me a HCG trigger shot that day. Hope everything goes good for you!


KellyN - August 11

Hi Edy! Yes, the day he saw the follicles he gave me an hcg shot. Then I was instructed to start prometrium supplements after ovulation to buildup the lining of my uterus. Apparently clomid can sometimes cause a low progesterone, so the supplement was to by-pass that. I also had to go into the doc to have another blood sample collected on cd 20 to check my progesterone level. My temps went down this morning, and I started pre af spotting, so it looks like it will be at least one more month with the clomid for me! :o( -kelly


hayley - August 11

hello, yes he does specialize in fertlilty i was told that i had PCOS and then he did a (laperscpay) sorry can not spell it ! then i was put on metformin 500mg and they made me very ill so he then put me on clomid which is not working i have been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years nows



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